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What Should I Eat And Avoid With Mono?

A mono infection is caused by a virus which is known as Epstein-Barr virus. This virus can spread through saliva and other fluids in the body like semen. It can also spread by sharing utensils with the affected person and through sneeze or cough.

What Should I Eat And Avoid With Mono?

What Should I Eat And Avoid With Mono?

Foods to eat when you have mono are:

Mono infection can cause a painful and sore throat. Hence, you may have a difficulty in eating and swallowing food. There may be a fever too and it is important to stay hydrated so that your body can gain all the energy that is needed to fight such an infection. Some foods that are to be found particularly of benefit in mono infection are given below-

Healthy fats

  • Foods with healthy fats are recommended in mono infection
  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help in reducing the inflammation
  • These foods can also boost up the immunity, which is very essential for a speedy healing
  • Foods like avocados, nuts and seeds, fish etc. are good sources of omega 3 fatty acids

Fruits and vegetables

  • Various fresh fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of anti-oxidants, which are essential in building up the immune system
  • A better immune system can fight off viruses and bacteria more efficiently compared to a weakened immune system
  • Fresh produce can also help in flushing out toxins from your body

Protein rich food

  • Protein promotes cell health and damaged cell repair
  • Protein is also helpful in strengthening the immune system
  • Foods like fish, egg and tofu are a great source of protein

However, it should be taken into consideration that excess protein is not good for health either. It can lead to other serious health problems. Consume protein after consultation with your doctor or a dietician

Some foods must be avoided in a mono infection. Such foods may include-

Sugars and carbs

  • Excessive sugar, carbs and refined foods are a strict no-no in a mono infection
  • The inflammation in your body becomes worse due to sugars and carbs in the diet
  • When you stop eating sugars or carbs you deny the inflammation the source of its growth and eventually, inflammation will regress

Caffeinated foods and drinks

  • Caffeine can make your fatigue worse
  • Also, caffeinated drinks can interfere with sleep, thereby menacing with your healing process


  • The mono virus has a direct impact on the liver
  • If alcohol is consumed during a mono infection, it can cause serious liver damage, because it can affect the liver processes

Some other things to be followed when affected with a mono infection may include-

  • Taking ample rest, even during the day time. Proper resting will speed up the recovery process
  • Drinking enough fluids to avoid getting dehydrated. A dehydrated body takes much longer to heal
  • If you experience a sore throat, it is advisable to eat soft and semi solid food, to facilitate swallowing
  • Avoid very hot and spicy foods to prevent any irritation to the already swollen throat
  • Avoid smoking as it can directly affect your throat inflammation
  • Do salt water gargles several times a day. This remedy can give you relief from the pain and it will help in reducing the inflammation too.

Ask your doctor to prescribe you a painkiller, in case the throat is too sore. You can also go for some OTC medications like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve the inflammation. However, these are not antivirals and cannot help you on that front. Also, these if taken wrongly can cause many serious side effects. Hence, it is advisable to use them sparingly and preferably by the advice of a physician

A mono infection cannot be cured with the help of any antibiotic medications, as it is a viral infection. However, the symptoms can be reduced by following some measures. Also, some foods if taken or avoided can help in alleviating the symptoms of mono.


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