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Should I Go To The Hospital For Mono?

Mononucleosis or a mono infection is also known by the name kissing disease. This disease spreads through the saliva, hence the name. however, this infection can also spread through sneezing, coughing and sharing utensils with the affected person. A mono infection is most commonly caused by a virus known as Epstein-Barr virus.

Should I Go To The Hospital For Mono?

Should I Go To The Hospital For Mono?

The symptoms of mono can turn quickly critical and very painful. Moreover, the signs and symptoms can be quite similar to those seen in a strep throat. Hence, in case the symptoms worsen, it is extremely essential that you show to your doctor.

  • If you have a very high fever that is not coming down by itself or by regular medications, you must rush to see your doctor
  • If it is extremely difficult for you to swallow, you must go to the hospital and get yourself examined at once
  • In some rare cases, mono can lead to heart problems. Hence, onset of any signs and symptoms pertaining to the heart like chest pain, breathlessness, arrythmias should be brought to the notice of your physician
  • Swelling on the lymph node can also be a sign of worry. You should go to the hospital if you notice any kind of swelling on the lymph nodes in neck region or armpits
  • Some persons get headaches. If these do not reduce or worsen over time, you must show your doctor immediately

Sometimes, splenomegaly is seen in persons affected with mono. It may be painful even. Bring any such change to an immediate notice of the doctor. Ruptured spleen is not a very pleasant condition to deal with. Also, some may experience jaundice. This can also be a cause of concern as liver also can be affected in mono

  • If a rash develops in mono, you may want to bring that to the attention of the doctor too
  • Other symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting or anything else should also be told to the doctor immediately
  • It is very important that you get yourself diagnosed by a doctor, as the symptoms of a mono infection can be very similar to many other infections. A proper diagnosis is essential to start a timely and an efficient treatment

Complications Of Mono

Mono may present with some serious complications, though they are not very common. These may include-

  • Enlargement of spleen is a common complication seen in some cases of mono.
  • There may be a rupture of the spleen in very extreme cases
  • The rupture of spleen may cause severe pain which may be very sharp and sudden
  • The pain is generally in the left upper abdominal section
  • In such cases immediate medical attention is to be sought as there might be a need for surgery
  • Your liver may also get affected
  • A mild hepatitis or liver inflammation may occur
  • Jaundice is also seen in occasional instances

Some other complications are seen less commonly. These may include-

  • Anemia- which means there is a decrease in red blood cells in the blood and also in hemoglobin
  • Thrombocytopenia- Which means the platelets in the blood get reduced
  • Heart problems- myocarditis may occur, which means there is an inflammation of the muscle of the heart
  • Nervous system problems- problems like encephalitis, meningitis etc. may develop in some cases
  • Tonsillitis-tonsils may get swollen severely which may hamper your breathing ability

Those suffering from an already compromised immune system are at a greater risk of getting some serious complications.


Mono cannot be cured. However, it is treatable, and it may usually subside on its own in a few days. The treatment mainly focuses on reducing the symptoms and alleviating the discomfort caused by the symptoms. If the symptoms of mono persist or become more and more severe, it is advisable to consult your doctor so that any complications can be detected early, and treatment started.


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