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How To Heal A Torn Meniscus Naturally?

What is a Meniscus? (1, 2, 3)

The human knee joint consists of femur (thigh bone) and tibia (shin bone). The connective tissue, which is placed between femur and tibia, is MENISCUS, which performs as a shock absorber for the knee joint.

The meniscus gets torn upon abrupt twisting movements occurred usually during high contact sports; however, it can also get injured or torn when performing daily activities, such as squatting or bending over. As a person ages, there is weakening of the meniscus, which makes it more prone to tears or injury of any kind. (3)

What are the Symptoms of a Torn Meniscus? (3)

After a meniscus gets torn, the patient has symptoms, such as knee swelling, pain and inflammation; more so when the knee is completely extended. There can also be knee joint clicking or locking followed by weakness in the knee.

Healing a Torn Meniscus Naturally Can Be Done in 6 Simple Ways

Listed below are some of the ways to heal a torn meniscus naturally:

  1. Active Rest to Heal a Torn Meniscus Naturally

    Rest is the first line of treatment for any type of injury and the same goes for torn meniscus. For healing of the torn meniscus, one should take proper rest and avoid sudden movements. However, light movements, such as slow walking for some time can be done and swimming is also good, as it won’t strain the knee and allow healing of a torn meniscus naturally.

  2. Gentle Exercises for Healing the Torn Meniscus and Improving the Range Of Motion (7)

    Gentle exercises can be done to improve the strength of the knee joint and to also improve or maintain the range of motion of the knee with the torn meniscus. One can lie down or sit and gently flex and extend the knee as far as the pain allows. Doing such exercises helps in preventing stiffness and improving blood circulation to help with healing.

  3. Strength Training is Important For Healing of Torn Meniscus (7)

    When a meniscus gets torn, it becomes even more important to build and to maintain muscle strength surrounding the knee, such as hamstrings, quadriceps and the hip muscles, all of which work collectively to stabilize the knee and also to prevent the meniscus getting torn in the future. With the right exercise program and under the guidance of an expert, a torn meniscus can be healed without the need of surgery.

  4. Balance Training to Effectively Heal a Meniscus Tear (6)

    After one has had any meniscus injury, there can be disruption in the proprioception of knee and leg, where the balance gets compromised leading to further knee instability and injuries. In such cases, balance exercises are beneficial, such as doing calf raises on one leg and standing and trying to balance on one leg.

    It is also important to get into a structured physical therapy program to restore the mobility and balance of the knee joint. An experienced physical therapist can guide you through various exercises to help with balance training, strength and range of motion.

  5. Post-Rehab Program for Meniscal Tear

    After completing the prescribed program of physical therapy, this is the next step to allow you slowly into performing normal activities before getting back to complex activities or playing any sports such as soccer, running marathons or doing squatting exercises in the gym.

  6. Proper Nutrition to Aid Natural Healing Of the Torn Meniscus (4, 5)

    Consuming diet consisting of anti-inflammatory foods and nutrient-dense foods along with drinking lot of water helps a lot in healing the torn meniscus naturally and also benefits in keeping the joints lubricated. Inflammation is the primary cause of the pain and most of the times, food is not sufficient to alleviate it and it becomes important to take nutritional supplements, such as turmeric extract to naturally heal the inflammation from the torn meniscus.

    One of the active components in turmeric is Curcumin, which acts by decreasing certain inflammatory markers and when it is consumed in therapeutic doses of 1500 mg per day, it helps in giving benefits of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving along with benefitting the symptoms of associated arthritis if any occurring as a result of a meniscus tear.


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