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Are Leg Cramps A Sign Of Something Serious?

Are Leg Cramps A Sign Of Something Serious?

Leg cramps or spams are one-off type of occurrences and they usually take place due to overworking of a specific muscle. Even though these cramps are painful, they do not cause any harm. However, in some of the cases, muscle cramps/leg cramps signal a severe problem and hence, it is essential for you to identify the difference between a harmless cramp and a life threatening one.

Are Leg Cramps A Sign Of Something Serious?

Examples Of Severe Leg Cramps At A Glance

CFS i.e. Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome. CFS i.e. Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome refers to peripheral syndrome associated with a hyperexcitability of one’s peripheral nervous system. This condition results in unwanted muscle cramps and the problem of fasciculation. Even in some cases, you may experience other symptoms, like burning sensation and numbness, both of which are typical of neuropathy problem.

End-stage Of Kidney Or Renal Disease. Individuals suffering from end-stage of kidney or renal disease, especially those undergoing dialysis procedure usually suffer from leg cramps, especially in their calf areas. Advent of leg cramps may take place at home or at the time of dialysis. Cramps in this case related to depression, sleep disorders and thereby, cause decline in quality of life.

Cirrhosis. Leg cramps in case of patients suffering from Cirrhosis take place in different areas, which include thighs, cervical area, toes, calves, fingers and abdominal muscles. However, cramps in this case may even affect other areas of one’s body. (1)

Key Leg Cramps Symptoms To Indicate Severe Health

Cramps Take Place By Running The Same Distance. If you usually participate in long runs and experience cramp by running the same distance each time, it may be a cause related to your health concern. Doctors call it as compartment syndrome and it takes place in people, whose muscles in the designated area fail to get enough scope to accommodate the specific type of exercise. Whenever we do exercise, our body muscles need blood in higher amounts and for this, our blood vessels dilate. Whenever the muscular compartment remains tight, we do not get enough room for the expansion of blood vessels, which result in leg spasms or leg cramps.

Skin Discoloration, Redness Or Swelling. If you notice skin discoloration, swelling and redness, along with muscle cramp, these may be signs related to blood clot. When the blood clot remains in its place, it does not cause any threat. However, in case the clot breaks off, it increases your risk related to heart attack and stroke both. (2)

Cramp And Severe Pain. If you find your muscle spasm as interfering with your daily life, you should definitely consider it a severe problem. In most of the cases, leg cramps force you to experience pain, curl the toes and last for about 10 minutes. However, if you notice anything other the mentioned ones, it may lead to anything serious.

Possible causes of your severe muscle cramp include inadequate blood supply to the specific muscle, ovarian mass or pinched nerve.

Vomiting, Fever And Nausea. If you notice leg cramps combined with other problems, like vomiting, fever and nausea, your problems may be due to food poisoning or dehydration. Hence, you should make sure to have healthy and hygienic food and at the same time, should make sure keeping yourself hydrated to avoid such types of muscle spasms.

Tingling And Burning Down Your Legs. Tingling and burning sensation in the legs may take place with muscle cramps because of your problem related to herniated disk. Positively, you may overcome this problem with muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medicines.


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