Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Worth Knowing

Today, saunas and steam rooms are fixtures in several gyms, spas and even in some homes. There are a lot of health benefits of saunas and steam room, which is why they are growing with their popularity. In the following arrays of our article we will take a look at some of the differences between sauna and steam room. So, go through the article and educate yourself regarding the differences between these two heat rooms and choose the best one as per your requirement.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Worth Knowing

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Worth Knowing

Here are some differences between Sauna and Steam Room

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Basic Differences

A sauna has low humidity and is comparatively much hotter than a steam room. Saunas are of two primary styles namely, the conventional saunas which warm the air in the room and other is the infrared saunas which warm objects using charcoal or active carbon fibers. Usually saunas are wood-lined and consist of wooden benches to sit on, unlike steam rooms which are basically finished in ceramic tile. Steam rooms are virtually airtight rooms where steam is fed by using a steam generator that builds up a humidity level of around 100%

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on the Bath

Considering the differences between these two heat rooms on basis of the type of bath; Saunas offer both wet and dry bath sessions. However, in case of a steam room it is generally designed for very wet and hot health treatment.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences on the Room Built-Up

Saunas are made of wood as metal benches or tiled walls inside the searing heat of a sauna may burn you. Moreover wood absorbs moisture, which keeps the surfaces cooler and also aids in pulling humidity out of the air. However, in case of steam rooms where there is high humidity and constant condensation, they are surfaced with non-porous materials like ceramic tiles that can get wet without causing any problem. Steam rooms usually have sloped ceilings in order for the water to run down to the walls rather than drip all over the occupants.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on Heat Generation

There are differences based on heat generation in these two heat rooms. Usually saunas have a stove located inside for generating heat. However, steam rooms have an external steam generator for heat generation.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on Temperature Settings

Talking about the differences based on temperature settings, in case of sauna, it is basically between 158 degrees F to 212 degrees F; however, in case of steam rooms the temperature is basically between 115 degrees F to 120 degrees F

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on Benefits

There are benefits of both, saunas and also steam rooms. Saunas are beneficial as they aid in muscle stimulation, lower blood pressure, helps in improving cardiovascular health, aid in reducing stress hormones etc. Steam rooms are beneficial for detoxification via perspiration, and the steam soothes sinus irritation, congestion of chest and relieves asthma.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on Risks Involved

There are certain risks involved in both, saunas as well as the steam rooms. A session in sauna may lead to excessive thirst. One more risk factor in saunas can be that the sudden humidity here may at times scald bathers in case if the room is too hot. There are also risks of steam rooms like the symptoms of too much heat may include vertigo, dizziness, rapid heartbeat and also excessive thirst.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on Humidity

There are both dry and moist sessions in saunas. Usually in saunas, there is a limited humidity build-up. In case of steam rooms, humidity is very high; in fact it is close to 100%. This is because a steam room is almost airtight.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Differences Based on Use of Towel

In case of sauna, nudity is common; though towels may be used, especially in order to avoid sitting on hot wooden benches. However, towels are recommended in public steam rooms though in private steam rooms towels are generally not used.

Sauna Vs Steam Room: Other Differences

Sauna is preferable for those individuals who do not like moist heat. Such individuals can prefer dry heat sessions in sauna. However, people who cannot endure dry heat usually prefer steam rooms.


Though there are differences in saunas and steam rooms; you can be benefited by both the steam rooms and also both involve some common risks. So, as per your preferences and choices you can choose any of the heat rooms and enjoy the best of relaxation and health benefits. Kindly talk to the therapist before you undergo any of the relaxing or rejuvenating treatment.

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