An Excellent Mind Leads To Excellent Results

What Is An Excellent Mind All About?

An excellent mind is one that usually leads the world in any one unique area of specialization with cutting-edge clarity & precision to a space & time that makes life of a certain number of people filled with simplicity, ease & peace. All in all, an excellent mind is truly a leader in its own unique right.

An Excellent Mind Leads To Excellent Results

An excellent mind usually consists of the following characteristics:

  • Accuracy Of Judgment At All Times.
  • Consistent Effective & Efficient Decision Making.
  • Sharp Cutting-Edge Strategic Mindset.
  • Fantastic Ability To Relate To Unique Ideas, People, Events & Things With Great Regard.
  • Excellent Communicator, Projector & Presenter Of Ideas, People, Events & Things In the Uniquely Relevantly Relative Context.
  • Unique Ability To Plug Loopholes, Gaps, Leakages & Weaknesses In One’s Own Character & Personality.
  • Unique Amazing Self-Belief To Persist With One’s Own Natural Strengths.
  • Unique Ability To See Through & See Far.
  • Unique Ability To Take Challenges With Responsibility & Fulfill Them Dutifully.
  • Unique Ability To Focus Clearly & Set Goals Clearly With Precision At All Times.
  • Unique Ability To Take Fast Accurate Action Without Fear Of Failure.
  • Unique Ability To Lead Own Self & Others In The Right Direction.

How Does One Achieve An Excellent Mind?

All the great masters who achieved glory had one thing in common.

Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, in his last speech at Stanford University had spoken about something called as “connecting the dots” & “having immense self-belief in one’s own strengths & goals.”

Here Is Steve Job’s Stanford Speech Video:

Connecting the dots in respect of an individual simply means that one is able to relate to different ideas & clearly understand how these ideas inter-relate to each other in one’s own mind logically. Once Apple had a campaign called “Think Different” which meant to express that innovation & creativity are the fountain bearers of a prosperous society. This campaign was hugely successful.

Here Is Apple’s “Think Different” Video:

The fact remains that the most excellent minds on earth were excellent “story tellers” as they could relate to different ideas & connect the right ideas in it’s uniquely relevantly relative context. They knew the importance of time & space. They could put the right ideas at its right place in the right context with great speed & accuracy just like a jigsaw puzzle where one has to put in the right pieces at the right place to project the complete picture. They were great visualizers, painters & visionaries within the sense of their imagination that they could move millions of people’s lives to a better & harmonious place than they were previously through their inventions. They understood the importance of relationships very well with all ideas, people, events & things with precision.

Along with being great relators, all excellent minds were usually great strategic thinkers. They had a lot of speed & accuracy in their judgment because they had this very unique tendency to focus on ideas, people, events & things with crystal clear clarity. This is exactly the reason as to why they could act effectively & efficiently towards achieving a set goal & they achieved it. Almost all excellent minds such as Galileo, Thomas Edison, Einstein & even Steve Jobs had a lot many things in common even though they all were unique. The significant thing here is to point out that all of them were inventors in some form or matter. They all had this unique uncanny ability to visualize something unique & specialized that they all could bring out new ways of living life for most people on earth. The most startling common thing amongst all of them was that they all felt they were responsible in some form or matter for the universe.

If any individual wants to learn how to become an excellent mind in order to lead themselves to excellent results, these tips mentioned above will take an individual a really long way & make them an excellent mind that often always brings excellent results when implemented. As the saying goes, “Winners always win as a habit not by chance.”

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