Effectiveness of Doxazosin & Its Dosage, Side Effects

There are certain restrictions as far as doxazosin is concerned. It is advised not to take doxazosin if you are allergic to it or similar medicines like alfuzosin (uroxatral), silodosin (rapaflo), prazosin (minipress), terazosin (hytrin), tamsulosin (flomax). The medicine doxazosin may cause fainting or dizziness, especially when it is taken at first. If you take the doxazosin then it is important to remain careful while driving. Other things that you need to avoid is to stand for long periods of time/become overheated while doing exercises in hot climatic conditions, to get up fast from a sitting/lying position, or if you feel dizzy.

Seek advice from the doctor, tell him about the medicines that you take (it can be different blood pressure medications which can include water pills).

Effectiveness of Doxazosin

Effectiveness of Doxazosin

  • The medicine doxazosin relaxes veins, arteries and effectively helps blood to pass through the veins, arteries easily. Doxazosin relaxes the muscles in the bladder neck, prostate and facilitates urination.
  • The medicine doxazosin is effectively used to treat conditions like hypertension (a condition caused because of elevated blood pressure); it helps to improve urination in men (the men having benign prosthetic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate.)
  • The medicine doxazosin (Cardura XL, which is a different version of the drug) is used for treating only benign prosthetic hyperplasia and not hypertension.

How to Take Doxazosin?

It is recommended to take the medicine doxazosin exactly as prescribed by the doctor. While taking doxazosin, it is mandatory to follow the directions mentioned on the prescription label. It is better not to use the drug in larger/smaller amounts; it should not be used for a period longer than recommended by the doctor.

  • The drug doxazosin lowers blood pressure, causes fainting or dizziness.
  • If there is severe dizziness then seek advice from the doctor.
  • While taking doxazosin, the prostrate/blood pressure needs to be checked often.
  • In some cases, the patient stops taking the medicine for some reason and then seek advice from the doctor prior to restarting it. Sometimes, you may require dose adjustments.

Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, for them use doxazosin even if you feel alright. It is to understand that high blood pressure sometimes has no symptoms. Patients suffering from such conditions, sometimes have to use the medicine for a prolonged period of time.

It is necessary to store the medicine away from heat and moisture.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Doxazosin?

General Adult Dose of Doxazosin (For Hypertension or Benign Prostatic Hyperlasia)

It should be as prescribed by the physician.

Maintenance dose:

1 to 8 mg orally once daily (Immediate-release)
4 to 8 mg orally once daily with breakfast. It depends on the way patient come up with the symptoms, the medicine can be increased to eight mg. Doctor suggest to keep the interval of minimum three to four weeks.

If you are advised to switch from immediate release drug to extended-release tablets, you need to undergo therapy with the lowest dose and that is four mg once daily. Before starting the therapy with the extended release tablets, the evening dosage of the immediate-release tablets should be avoided. If due to any reason patient stops the intake of doxazosin tablets, then it is important to restart the therapy with 4 mg of the drug once, daily.

Geriatric Dosage of Doxazosin for Hypertension

The initial dose of doxazosin is 0.5 mg orally once daily.

What are the Side Effects of Doxazosin?

Doxazosin may show allergic side effects like hives; swelling of face, tongue, throat or lips,; difficulty breathing;

The drug doxazosin has severe side-effects. Taking it regularly, affects the patient’s pupils, particularly during cataract surgery. Seek advice from eye surgeon prior to taking the drug. It is also advised not to stop the medicine prior to cataract surgery unless advised by the doctor.

Call the doctor if you have:

  • A light-headed sensation;
  • Severe continuous stomach pain/bloating;
  • New/worsening chest pain;
  • Trouble in breathing;
  • A painful penis erection lasting for a period of more than 4 hours.

Other common side effects of the medicine include:

  • Dizziness, low blood pressure;
  • Headache;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Exhaustion.

What other Drugs Interfere with Doxazosin?

Other medicines may interfere with doxazosin. Tell the doctor about the medicines which you take. It can be the following:

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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