How Effective is Effient or Prasugrel, Know its Dosage, Side Effects

Individuals should never intake effient or prasugrel in case they suffer from any type of active bleeding problem, like bleeding in brain because of head injury or stomach ulcer, history associated with stroke including mini-stroke. In addition, you should avoid effient or prasugrel if you have appointment with your doctor for surgery, particularly, for bypass surgery of heart.

Effient or prasugrel boosts the risk related to bleeding, which may be of life threatening or severe for health. You should consult your family doctor or look for emergency medical treatment if you suffer from un-stoppable bleeding or suffer from bloody yet black stools. In addition, you should call doctor in case you find blood in your cough or vomit, which appears as coffee grounds.

How Effective is Effient or Prasugrel?

How Effective is Effient or Prasugrel?

Effient or prasugrel effectively helps in prevention of blood platelets from sticking with one another and avoids forming an unwanted type of blood clot caused usually because of specific blood vessel or heart conditions. Main role of this medicine effient or prasugrel is in effective prevention of blood clots among people suffering from acute coronary syndrome, which produces after they recently deal with stroke or heart attack and in people suffering from specific disorders of blood vessels and heart.

  • You should stop consuming effient or prasugrel for a specified time before you undergo for any dental treatment or with surgical procedure. However, you should never stop taking effient or prasugrel until and unless your doctor recommends doing so, as stopping too much early may result in various life-threatening and complicated medical problems.
  • You should strictly avoid intake of NSAIDs if you consume Effient or if you have to do so, take opinion and advice of your family doctor.

How to Intake Effient or Prasugrel?

You should intake effient or prasugrel according to the prescription of your doctor. In this case, you should strictly follow necessary directions given on the medicine’s prescription label. You should avoid intake the medicine in small or in large amounts and even for long period than advised by your doctor.

  • Doctors recommend taking effient or prasugrel by combining it with aspirin. Hence, you should follow the instructions of your doctor about the amount of aspirin you should take and for the period, you should.
  • You may opt to take effient or prasugrel without or with food.
  • Since prasugrel has major role to avoid clotting or coagulating of your blood for prevention of unwanted clotting of blood, effient or prasugrel may allow easy bleeding even in case of minor injury, like bump or fall on one’s head. However, you should make sure contacting your doctor or looking for emergency medical treatment in case of falling or hitting the head and any bleeding, which fail to stop.
  • You should make sure of storing effient or prasugrel at room temperature from keep it away from heat and moisture. In addition, you should keep original tablets in respective original containers in combination with canister or packet of moisture absorbing based preservative. You should keep the medicine bottle closed tightly when you are not using it.

What is the Suggested Dosage of Effient or Prasugrel?

Adult Dose of Effient or Prasugrel in Case of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Initially, doctors prescribe single oral dose of 60 mg of effient or prasugrel and later on, allow continuing at oral dose of 10 mg on daily basis. In addition, patients should consume aspirin from 75 mg to up to 325 mg on daily basis.

Geriatric Dose of Effient or Prasugrel in Case of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Doctors usually do not recommend for effient or prasugrel among patients above 75 years old except in specific situations, such as prior MI or diabetes mellitus. This is because; individuals deal with adverse effects of MI or mellitus, because of which dosage becomes essential.

What are the Side Effects Effient or Prasugrel?

Effient or prasugrel has common side effects, like bleeding or bruising and nosebleeds. You should immediately seek medical help in case of identifying any kind of allergic reaction to effient or prasugrel. These include dizziness, hives, pain in chest, difficulty in taking breath, swelling in the throat, lips and tongue.

You should consult your doctor if you suffer from:

  • Feeling as light-headed
  • Any kind of unstoppable bleeding problem
  • Brown or pink colored urine
  • Problem of severe clotting blood, like purple spots and pale skin under the skin or over the mouth, fast rate of heartbeat, fever, stomach pain, jaundice, difficulty in breathing and similar others.
  • Symptoms related to bleeding of stomach, such as tarry or bloody tools, vomit or coughing up blood, which resembles to coffee grounds
  • Signs related to stroke, such as sudden weakness or numbness, especially on a single side of body, slurred speech, severe headache suddenly, problems related to balance and vision.
  • Risk related to bleeding is relatively high among old adults.

Other Drugs in Combination with Effient or Prasugrel

Consuming effient or prasugrel with specific drugs may increase bleeding risk. These include medicines for treatment and prevention of blood clots, such as warfarin or heparin.

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