How Effective is Ingrezza & What are It’s Side Effects?

If you pregnant or with plans to become pregnant in the near future, you must indicate to your physician since it is unknown if ingrezza or valbenazine could be danger to the unborn child. Breast feeding should be stopped even if it is 5 days after you have taken your final dosage of ingrezza or valbenazine.

Ingrezza or valbenazine is approved only for adults of over 18 years of age and not for anyone younger than 18 years.

How Effective is Ingrezza?

How Effective is Ingrezza?

Ingrezza is also known as valbenazine which effectively blocks few chemicals in our body which are known to be involved in spontaneous muscle movement.

Ingrezza or valbenazine is used to effectively treat signs of nervous system disorder known as tardive dyskinesia. This nervous disorder causes recurring uninhibited muscle movements mostly on the face (frowning, blinking, chewing, tongue movement, lip smacking, and eye movement).

However, ingrezza or valbenazine cannot be considered as a permanent treatment for this condition.

Ingrezza or valbenazine is used to treat tardive dyskinesia in adults. As mentioned above, tardive dyskinesia is explained to be abnormal, repetitive, uncontrollable movements of the face, trunk which are mainly caused by the blockade of dopamine in the brain similar to those that occurs in antipsychotics. However, ingrezza or valbenazine is a new clearly designed and made to be a vesicular monoamine transporter 2 inhibitor. This has been known as the first treatment or medicine that is made for tardive dyscinesia in adults.

Even after 5 days of the final dose of ingrezza or valbenazine breast feeding should not be done.

Point to Know Before the Intake of Ingrezza

If allergic to ingrezza or valbenazine do not use it. If you have experienced any of these following conditions tell to your doctor to make ingrezza safe for you.

How to Take Ingrezza?

The intake of ingrezza or valbenazine must be as mentioned by your physician. It is important to follow the prescription label instructions as physician might change the dosage levels occasionally. It has to be taken only as per prescribed by the doctor and no smaller or larger dosage has to be taken.

  • Ingrezza or valbenazine can be taken without or with food
  • Do not stop the intake of ingrezza or valbenazine without your doctor’s knowledge
  • Heart functions will need to be checked using ECG (electro cardiograph)
  • It is important to store away from heat and moisture at room temperature.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Ingrezza?

Dosage for Adults having Tardive Dyskinesia

First dosage: 40 milligrams (once a day, orally)

Maintenance dosage: TO increase to 80 milligrams on daily basis after a week of initial dose. The initial dosage can be continued for few patients

Ingrezza or valbenazine is used to effectively treat Tardive Dyskensia.

What are the Side Effects of Ingrezza?

If you experience allergic to ingrezza or valbenazine, get instant help. In most cases the allergic reactions are known to be difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of lips, face, throat or tongue.

Also call doctor if you have:

Other mainly found side effects of ingrezza or valbenazine are:

However, these are not all the side effects as many other forms might occur. In case of any side effects of ingrezza or valbenazine, call your doctor for immediate help. You can also report the side effect experienced to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Other Drugs that Affect Ingrezza

There are other drugs that can affect ingrezza or valbenazine which involves over the counter or prescribed medicines, herbal products or even vitamins. It is important to inform your doctor about all the medicines you are currently taking.

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