How to Deal with Side Effects of Medicine?

Not many of us know, but all the medications including multivitamins have some or the other side effects. These medicines can range from life saving cancer drugs to over-the-counter headache medication. It is not hard to believe this as most people have experienced the side effects of medications at some point of time. So, the primary concern here is dealing with the side effects of medicine. Detailed below are various steps anyone can take to better cope with the side effects of various medicines. Read further to know more.

How to Deal with Side Effects of Medicine?

Important Points About Dealing With Side Effects of Medicine

If you are currently experiencing any sort of side effects of any medications that you may be on; it’s worth your while considering the points listed below to better deal with these side effects.

Side Effects of Medications Tend to Gradually Subside: Side effects of various medications tend to go away after a while of dedicatedly sticking to the course of medications that your doctor prescribed for you.

The Benefits Outweigh the Medication Side Effects: The side effects of medications are often minor in comparison to your illness and the potential for complete cure that these medications have, outweigh their side effects.

Alternative Medication Can Be Prescribed: Talking to your doctor about the side effects you are experiencing while on prescription medications may often help; as your doctor may prescribe an alternative with less side effects.

Different Side Effects of Medicines & Ways To Deal With Them

There are actual steps that you can take to deal with the various side effects of various medications. Listed below are some commonly experienced side effects and the steps you can take to deal with them. Read further to know more.

Constipation and Ways To Deal With It

Various medications result in constipation as a side effect which has a negative impact on your bowel movements. Delayed or irregular bowel movements can be cause for discomfort and there are certain steps you can take to deal with this commonly experienced side effect of medicine. You can deal with this by changing your diet by including bran, whole grain cereals and fruits and vegetables with high fiber content all which is bound to regulate bowel movements. Drinking more water and exercising is also known to help with constipation.

Dealing with Drowsiness

Drowsiness, when it is least convenient; is also a common side effect of various medications. It should help to know that this side effect goes away with time as your body adjusts to the medication. Additionally; you can also consult with your doctor about restricting medications that cause drowsiness to before bedtime. Any which way; it is not advisable to drive or operate heavy machinery while on medications that cause drowsiness as their side effect.

Diarrhea & How To Deal With It

Many medications may impair your digestive abilities; causing diarrhea. This is one medication side effect that is very likely to be both inconvenient and traumatic. You can deal with this side effect of medicine by changing your diet with an emphasis on non-oily and non-spicy food. Eating bland food is sure to soothe your stomach and reduce the symptoms of diarrhea. Be sure to increase your fluid intake when you are experiencing diarrhea.

Dizziness and Ways To Deal With It

Many variations of pharmaceutical drugs are known to cause dizziness of varying degrees as a side effect. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while you are experiencing such side effects of the medications that you have been prescribed by your doctor. Also take care to avoid quick movements that can bring on sudden dizziness and result in a fall.

Dealing with Appetite Loss

Many medications result in appetite loss as their side effects; however, there are certain steps you can take to combat this issue. If you are unable to eat your normal quantities of food at one time; you may benefit by eating many smaller meals. Also indulge yourself with your favorite meals and take a walk before mealtimes to induce hunger.

Side Effect of Dry Mouth and How To Deal With It

Chewing gum, lozenges and frequent sips of water can help you deal with a dry mouth that is the side effect of medications that you are on.

Dealing with Headaches

Headaches are a common side effect of various medications and they most often go away as you adjust to the medications you have been prescribed. Additionally, you can also talk to your doctor about medications to help treat the headaches and reduce the discomfort.

Nausea or a Queasy Stomach

Many medications may result in nausea or a queasy feeling in the stomach. These side effects generally go away with time; however, you can try peppermint candies that have soothing properties, eat smaller meals, opt for bland foods and talk to your doctor about medications to help with this annoying side effect of medicine.

Decreased Sex Drive

Many medications affect the sex drive causing a substantial decrease in libido. The best option here would be to talk your doctor about lowering your dosage or prescribing an alternative course of treatment to get rid of this medicine side effect.

Sleeplessness/Insomnia Caused by Medicines

While some medications can make you drowsy and sleepy, others can cause sleeplessness. If you are experiencing sleeplessness as a result of the drugs you have been prescribed, it might be a good idea to avoid caffeine before bedtime, avoid exercise in the later parts of the day and create a perfect dark and quiet sleeping conditions to combat this particular side effect of medicine.