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12 Common Everyday Mistakes That Can Ruin Teeth

Regular dental hygiene not only ensures your pearly whites but also keeps up their functioning.

There are certain mistakes, making which, unknowingly one can harm teeth such as chewing ice with teeth, drinking sugary and acidic drinks, and eating candies and dry fruits.

Teeth play an important role and even while knowing this people continue to commit these mistakes.

12 Common Everyday Mistakes That Can Ruin Teeth

12 Common Everyday Mistakes That Can Ruin Teeth

  1. Nibbling Ice: Nibbling ice might seem a harmless habit but it may damage teeth. It also increases the chances of catching a cold, and chips the tooth. The delicate tissues present in the mouth get affected by eating ice regularly. It also makes the nerves sensitive. This leads to discomfort in eating certain foods.
  2. Grinding Teeth During Sleep: Many people grind their teeth while sleeping. This is due to several reasons, even underlying health conditions. Constant gnashing can erode the tooth enamel.(1) Anyone suffering from it should either get the cause of the condition corrected or wear mouth guards while sleeping.
  3. Tongue Piercing: Getting the tongue pierced may look cool to many, but lesser is known about its dangers. It can lead to infection in the mouth. It may also crack the tooth if a person eats in an incorrect manner.(2)
  4. Sweet Tooth: Eating excess sweets, can lead to cavities in the teeth if you don’t brush your teeth properly. On eating sweets certain bacteria produce acids that can remove minerals from the tooth enamel.(3) Regular flossing is also required in such people as the sticky residue from sweets might get stuck in between the teeth and that can become the cause of numerous dental problems.
  5. Drinking Soda: Drinking soda might expose teeth to sugar acids and also phosphoric acid and citric acid. Sugar acids can demineralize teeth that can ultimately cause tooth damage.(3, 4) Citric and phosphoric acid attack the calcium that comprise teeth and also dissolve it.(5)
  6. Incorrect Brushing Technique: Brushing of teeth should be done appropriately. You should brush your teeth for at least two minutes, giving each corner of the mouth 30 seconds each. Brushing teeth back and forth can damage the lining between and above the teeth and gums. Use gentle, circular strokes to clean the teeth instead. The technique should comprise of wide circular strokes along the gums. Not brushing appropriately can lead to the accumulation of plaque that can cause excessive damage.
  7. Using The Same Toothbrush For Long: After using a toothbrush for sometime the bristles tend to get soft and out of shape. Such toothbrushes gradually would not be able to clean the teeth properly. Also, make sure you wipe the toothbrush dry after every use. Bacteria tend to thrive in moist conditions which would further invite trouble.
  8. Using Toothpicks: Using toothpicks every now and then and every time after meals is a strict no. Sometimes using toothpicks harshly may damage the gums.
  9. Drinking Red And White Wine: Both red and white wines are highly acidic. It can deteriorate the tooth enamel and make the teeth look yellow.(6) In the absence of enamel, there is an increased risk of the teeth getting attacked by bacteria and suffering from decay.
  10. Drinking Coffee: Coffee contains tannins that can stick to the teeth. This can lead to unwanted yellow stains on the teeth.(7) Coffee can also lead to bacterial growth in the mouth that can lead to tooth and enamel erosion. This causes the teeth to get thin and brittle.
  11. Delaying Dental Visits: Regular dental check-ups can help in detecting any tooth problem early. This can treat it completely without causing much harm. Ignoring dental visits and deepen the tooth concern and can lead to further damage.
  12. Brushing Immediately After Eating: Eating acidic food weakens the tooth enamel, and immediately brushing after it can erode the enamel. Regularly doing this can weaken the tooth and it may get chipped or decay easily.

Instead, you can rinse your mouth and brush your teeth only after eating sugary foods.

If you notice any sensitivity, discoloration, or any issue with the teeth, do not delay visiting a dentist. He can identify the problem and treat it early. He can even give a suggestion on how you can prevent further decays.

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