Is Coffee Good or Bad For the Liver?

It is difficult to state whether the highest consumed beverage in the world is coffee or tea. The statistics often change every year, and the fact from the collected data is that the world drinks at least 3.5 million cups on every single day. You already know the health benefits that you receive when you choose between the bean and the leaf. However, newly published data suggests that drinking at least one cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of developing hepatocellular by over 50%, which is a type of liver cancer.

What Research Says?

According to researchers, hepatocellular is the second cause of increased deaths due to cancer in the world. Consuming a single cup of coffee a day brings down the risk factor by 19%. However, the research team further stated that increasing the intake to two cups a day reduces the risk by over 30%. Medical News Today reported that consuming five cups of coffee a day reduces the chances of developing hepatocellular cancer by over 50%. The research included 2.25 million adults with over 26 observational studies. The observation included the number of cups consumed and whether caffeinated or decaffeinated.

Nonetheless, the team comprising of doctors states that the research does not mean that everybody should begin consuming five glasses of coffee a day. Further research is necessary to understand the risks associated with increased caffeine content in the body. Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid increase of the coffee intake in specific groups such as pregnant women.

Is Coffee Good or Bad For the Liver?

Is Coffee Good or Bad For the Liver?

How is coffee good for the liver? It is a good thing that researchers were able to identify the benefits offered by drinking coffee – lowering hepatocellular cancer. According to the statistics provided by American Cancer Society, at least 41,000 new cases alone registered for the illness in 2017. The number is likely to increase further. The reason behind the increased death rate due to hepatocellular cancer is due to a poor diagnosis of the situation.

The research by the team that included consumption of five glasses of coffee a day showed that:

  • There is a reduction in the risk factor of acquiring hepatocellular cancer
  • Those who opted for decaffeinated coffee also had a reduced risk rate but was less when compared with those who drank caffeinated coffee
  • People suffering from existing liver diseases saw a reduction in the risks
  • Drinking coffee helps in preventing the development of liver diseases

The same research team further stated that making lifestyle changes such as including physical activity, changes to diet, and weight reduction help in the risk of developing hepatocellular or other liver cancers.

Additional Benefits

Apart from showering positive results on the liver, drinking coffee also possesses the capability to offer an array of health benefits. It reduces neurological diseases, cancers, and any-cause mortality. It likewise suppresses diabetes. In a report by the American Association for Cancer Research, Consuming at least three glasses of coffee a day reduces endometrial cancer in women by 20%. According to Yale School of Public Health, drinking four cups of caffeinated coffee helps in lowering cutaneous melanoma skin cancer by fifth and malignant melanoma by 19%.

Regular consumption of coffee, at least two cups a day, helps in reducing the development of liver cirrhosis. The liver suffers from injuries while it battles with toxins and viruses. Consuming two cups of caffeinated coffee helps in the reduction of the cirrhosis by at least 40%.

Coffee lovers also display improved mood, memory, reaction time, and general cognitive function.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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