How Do You Prevent Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease or PD is a type of progressive disease of nervous system. In this case, human brain of a person stops producing dopamine i.e. a neurotransmitter gradually. With less amount of dopamine, individuals fail to regulate their body movements and emotions.

This condition also involves degeneration of basal ganglia present in the human brain and alterations in its other parts and neurotransmitters. The progression of Parkinson’s disease problem takes place slowly in human beings and symptoms require many years to develop. Because of this, most of the people may live for many years even by suffering from the problem.

How Do You Prevent Parkinson’s Disease?

Body of human beings usually develop shields to interact synergistically for providing protection to us from Parkinson’s disease and help in enduring of multiple insults encounter by our brain while we lead a normal life. Because of this, prevention of Parkinson’s disease problem takes place based on following important factors-


Consumption of healthy diet constitutes a key element associated with anti-Parkinson’s disease lifestyle. To prevent the Parkinson’s disease and to promote maximum possible health, patients should include a healthy diet on a regular basis. This means, the diet should consists of green veggies, fruits, organic food items and varieties of food items containing vitamins, protein, minerals, antioxidants and varieties of healthy fats. On the other side, the diet should be of low or zero chemicals, carbohydrates and inflammable food items.

Physical Activity and Exercise

People involved in moderate to vigorous type of physical activities usually experience low prevalence of Parkinson’s disease in a significant way. If a person has already developed Parkinson’s disease problem, he may not expect to cure it completely, but in case a person opts to perform daily exercise, he or she may expect to avoid low neurotransmitters levels in their bodies. Regular workout to exit sweat regularly is obviously the best thing, which a person may perform for his healthy brain.

Movement of your body increases the flow of blood towards the brain to elevate oxygen levels to activate biochemical changes and to protect the new resultant neurons based on bathing them within the nerve growth factor. These conditions encourage growth of your brain and change it by simply forming a large number of neural pathways as well as synaptic connections, known popularly as neuro plasticity. Be active and prevent Parkinson’s disease.


Individuals have increased risks related to developing Parkinson’s disease when they have any close relative, as suffering from Parkinson’s disease problem. In this case, despite it is impossible to change genes, which you possess since your birth, epigenetics research work has proved that the life you lead turns such genes off and on.


Proper sleep is of very much essential for the human brain to perform its functions properly and prevent Parkinson’s disease. This is because, when you sleep, your brain remains busy in processing information, establishing connections, consolidating memories and clearing out of toxins. On the other side, when you asleep, your brain performs its various housekeeping activities and fail to get adequate time to perform the aforementioned functions and thereby, potentially accelerate the various neurodegenerative diseases, along with Parkinson’s disease in human brain.

Stress Management

Chronic stress may cause upset in the activities performed by human brain and contribute to the Parkinson’s disease. Acute stress leads to alterations in blood brain barrier’s protective function and long-term stress becomes toxic to human brain. It is possible that repetition of stress causes dopamine depletion. Relaxation will help in preventing Parkinson’s disease.

Management of Medical Problems

Poor health management may result in Parkinson’s disease problems during later years of human life. Obesity has a close connection with altered levels of dopamine in the human brain and in midlife; it triples the risk related to the development of Parkinson’s disease. Manage your medical problems properly to prevent Parkinson’s disease.

Prevention of Head/Brain Injuries

Damages caused from brain or head injuries may result in the development of Parkinson’s disease during the later years. In fact, a brain injury leads to loss of consciousness, increase in amnesia and hospitalization, all of which increase the risk related to Parkinson’s disease. Prevent hear injuries to prevent Parkinson’s disease.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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