Can You Be Cured Of Mittelschmerz?

Can You Be Cured Of Mittelschmerz?

There is no treatment for Mittelschmerz and hence there is no cure. The pain is because of ovulation and hence the symptoms subside once the ovulation is completed. Doctors may prescribe contraceptives medicines which prevent the process of ovulation and hence the pain. Such contraceptives should be used under medical supervision to avoid adverse impacts on the body. Correct diagnosis is important before ignoring the ovulation pain. Doctors should rule out the possibility of PCOD or endometriosis as the cause of abdominal pain.

Can You Be Cured Of Mittelschmerz?

Things to be considered for preventing Mittelschmerz-

  • Eat food which has a warm effect on the body. Include spices in the diet either in the morning or in the evening of the expected days. The heat produced increases blood circulation
  • Use of essential oils as a massage on the abdominal body
  • Consumption of green tea or turmeric helps in preventing abdominal cramps and reduces the symptoms of Mittelschmerz
  • Heat packs are the best. You can use either warm water packs or microwave-friendly heat packs. The warmth reduces abdominal cramping and pain
  • Warm water baths with or without Epsom salt helps in relaxation of the tired and sore muscles, thus producing a soothing effect. Magnesium in Epsom salt increases the beneficial effects and relaxes the muscles.
  • The best and scientifically proven procedure to prevent Mittelschmerz is to use hormonal contraceptives which prevent the ovulation.
  • The contraceptives are usually a combination of estrogen and progesterone. These hormones have the capacity to prevent the formation and release of eggs from the ovary, hence preventing the complete process of ovulation. When a woman is on contraceptives, it means there is no process of ovulation and only there is a flow of remnant blood.
  • Few contraceptive pills also contain progestin, a synthetic form of progesterone. This hormone prevents ovulation and thickens the cervical mucus and uterine lining.
  • Prostaglandins are the culprits causing the uterine contraction or menstrual cramps. Birth control pills are known to reduce the level of prostaglandins relieving painful menstrual cramping. The higher the level of prostaglandins higher will be the contractions.

Mittelschmerz is the painful ovulation which women experience at the time of ovulation each month. The ovulation pain is an indication of the release of the egg. Each woman has definite days of menstrual cycle. Depending upon individuals’ menstrual cycle, the ovulation happens at the mid-time of the menstrual cycle. Typically ovulation happens 14 days before the next menstrual cycle starts.

The egg released during the process if find sperms, pregnancy occurs. It is an indicator for aspiring women to become pregnant. The menstrual cycle and ovulation can be tracked by analyzing the symptoms of Mittelschmerz. During ovulation, women feel pain on the ovarian side which is releasing the ova i.e. egg. Either right or left ovary will be releasing the egg, hence pain can be felt on the lower right or left abdomen. The egg which is released produces pain due to stretching of the ovarian wall to release the eggs and also because of the fluid and blood which is released irritates the abdominal lining. The pain can be sharp with sudden onset or as dull abdominal painful cramps. The woman also experiences vaginal bleeding and discharge.

It is a natural process for women to produce and release eggs for fertilization, but about 20% of women find it very painful. The pain is not severe to seek immediate medical attention, the inclusion of certain foods in the diet, exercise, warm water baths can help relieve the symptoms of the condition. The symptoms ideally subside once the ovulation process is complete without any treatment. Few women also opt for OTC analgesics to reduce pain.

The woman suffering from Mittelschmerz need not consult a doctor except when the abdominal pain is a very severe and is accompanied by fever and nausea.

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