What Helps Hangover Nausea?

Are you suffering from hangover nausea as an aftermath of last night’s party? Read this article to know what helps hangover nausea.

Hangovers are the body’s way of reminding one about the hazards of overindulgence. Hangover is caused due to different reasons. Alcohol gets metabolized into a substance called acetaldehyde which is toxic at high levels. However, concentrations rarely become so high, and thus this is not the complete explanation. “Drinking till intoxication” seems to be the main reason for a hangover. The quantity of alcohol an individual consumes to get there is less critical since many studies suggest that light and moderate drinkers get a hangover more often than heavy drinkers. Contradictory research shows that people with a family history of alcoholism experience worse hangovers. Researchers believe that some people end up with drinking problems since they drink for relieving hangover symptoms.

What Helps Hangover Nausea?

What Helps Hangover Nausea?

Hangover nausea is often a result of overdrinking or sometimes intake of even small amounts of alcohol can cause hangover in some sensitive people. Now, before discussing about what helps hangover nausea, it is important to know the way alcohol affects you and cause hangover symptoms.

Drinking hinders the brain activity during sleep, and so a hangover can be a form of sleep deprivation. Since alcohol jumbles the hormones which regulate the body’s biological clocks, a hangover feels like jet lag and vice versa. Some classic symptoms of a hangover are diarrhea, headache, fatigue, shaking and nausea. Sometimes, systolic blood pressure shoots up, the heart beats rapidly, and sweat glands overproduce. People even become sensitive to sound or light or suffer from vertigo. For some, it may even trigger a migraine episode and hangover nausea is a prominent complaint. Hangovers start after blood alcohol levels begin to fall. Some experts believe that the worst symptoms occur when levels reach zero.

While some theories suggest that alcohol disturbs biological rhythms, others hold alcohol withdrawal as the culprit. Research shows that impurities produced when alcohol is distilled can make one feel nauseous. The sweeter the drink, the higher is the level of impurities. Red wine and malt liquors are especially toxic.

Effective Tips for Hangover Nausea

When thinking about what helps hangover nausea, there are many ways to keep this problem at bay. The best approach is avoiding drinking. Taking a shower and getting a lot of rest the next day can help relieve hangover symptoms. It takes 8 to 24 hours for the symptoms to fade off.

Some natural and easy ways that help hangover nausea and other symptoms are:

  • Drinking Water – It is important to remain well hydrated while drinking alcohol. This implies having plenty of water between drinks. If one bypasses this rule and, wakes up nauseous and tired the next morning, they are advised to drink up water to rehydrate themselves to flush out the impurities from their system. Natural detoxification by drinking water is the best tip that helps hangover nausea.
  • Drinking Other Fluids- Drinking water is not enough. One also needs to consume electrolyte-rich fluids like coconut water, sports drinks, orange juice, or bouillon soup, which can help restore the lost salt and potassium. This too helps hangover nausea to a great extent.
  • Eating a Banana – Potassium levels deplete significantly due to chronic drinking and eventually lead to a hangover. One can take a few bites of banana, or drink a banana- almond milk smoothie to help hangover nausea.
  • Eating Ginger – For ages, ginger has been consumed to reduce nausea and vomiting. When experiencing hangover nausea, one can nibble on crystallized ginger to ease the discomfort. Even having a combination of ginger, brown sugar and tangerine pith before drinking can help hangover nausea.
  • Drinking Mint Tea – Mint is helpful in soothing an upset stomach. When experiencing hangover nausea, sipping some mint tea can also greatly help to rehydrate the body and ease stomach discomfort.
  • Eating Breakfast – One would not feel like eating when nauseous, but it is vital for to have a healthy breakfast the next morning to help hangover nausea. Electrolytes in food help to replenish a dehydrated system and regain calories in the body. But go easy. While a greasy meal before drinking can help to keep hangover at bay, ones already experiencing a hangover should eat easily digestible foods, like toast and cereal. It is believed that eating dry toast or plain crackers can help ease hangover nausea. One can continue eating little snacks till they feel well enough to have a full meal.

While these are some of the best ways that help hangover nausea, it is best to avoid drinking altogether. Also, adequate rest, healthy diet and regular exercise routine can keep one healthy.

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