What are the 5 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Cancer is one of the deadliest and common forms of cancer affecting males in the United States. Prostate is a walnut shaped gland which produces seminal fluid that provides nutrients to sperms. It also acts as a medium through which sperms are transported. Prostate enlargement is quite a common condition and generally happens as an individual ages. It is a benign condition and does not affect the health in any way.

However, sometimes the prostate gland starts to grow rapidly such that it starts to pressurize and invade the adjoining areas. This is what is defined as a Prostate Cancer. This form of cancer is extremely aggressive and spreads quickly which is what makes it a deadly disease.

If diagnosed in its initial stages where the cancer has not spread to other areas, then the chances of a successful recovery from Prostate cancer is quite good.

There is no known cause for Prostate Cancer; however, research suggests abnormal mutations in the genes result in abnormal cell division within the prostate gland causing a tumor which takes the shape of cancer relatively quickly.

What are the 5 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

What are the 5 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer?

The early warning signs of Prostate Cancer are pretty common and can be related to any illness. However, urologists recommend men to watch out for some signs which may indicate the presence of an early stage prostate cancer. They advise men to not write these symptoms off as a common ailment and get checked immediately to rule in or rule out Prostate Cancer. These warning signs include:

Painful Urination with Hematuria: If you are having painful urination with spots of blood in the urine on a frequent basis then this calls for an intervention as this is the first warning sign of Prostate Cancer.

Poor Bladder Control: An individual with an early stage Prostate Cancer will have extreme difficulty controlling the bladder. Often at times he may soil the pants due to the urine leaking before he reaches the bathroom. This symptom is quite common for various types of urinary infections but it is worth going to an urologist to get checked for prostate cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction: This is again quite a common symptom observed in many different medical conditions. In fact, use of certain medications also causes erectile dysfunction. However, if an individual has erectile dysfunction along with painful and bloody urination definitely needs to be checked out for prostate cancer.

Persistent Pain in Low Back: Another warning sign which can be misconstrued as some other symptom is persistent pain in the low back, hips, and pelvis. If this symptom is accompanied by the other signs mentioned above then it makes a good case for a detailed checkup for Prostate Cancer.

Reduced Semen: The semen that is released during sex is extremely low in an individual with Prostate Cancer. If an individual feels that the semen ejaculated during sex is low from what it was then he may wish to get his prostate checked to look for any signs of cancer. This is especially necessary if the other symptoms suggestive of Prostate Cancer are also experienced by the individual.

In summary, if an individual has the above symptoms even to a mild degree then it is highly recommended that he gets checked for Prostate Cancer as in majority of cases Prostate Cancer is not able to be diagnosed until he cancer has spread. This significantly compromises the overall prognosis for the patient.

There are no specific ways to prevent Prostate Cancer; however, eating a well balanced and healthy diet full of vegetables, exercising regularly maintaining a healthy weight can all reduce the risk of developing Prostate Cancer.

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