6 Essential Vitamins for Prostate Health

Integral to the male reproductive system, the prostate is an important endocrine gland. The prostate secretes a milky white fluid containing male semen and seminal vesicle fluid. The very nature and function of the prostate makes it quite clear that it is integral to the process of reproduction. A lot can be done to protect prostate and prevent its ailments and dietary factor is an important one. Let us look at some of the vitamins for prostate health to keep prostate

6 Essential Vitamins for Prostate Health

6 Essential Vitamins for Prostate Health

However like almost all other organs in the human body; the prostate is prone to various diseases, if subject to neglect. Certain measures can be taken to ensure prostate health and prevent prostate diseases like cancer to a large extent. One effective measure is to supplement your diet with vitamins and nutrients that promote prostate health.

Here are some of the essential vitamins for prostate health that can keep the prostate in good health.


Zinc is a vital dietary supplement and one of the most important vitamins for prostate health. While mother’s milk provides a zinc rich diet for babies, an adult diet can often be lacking in zinc content. Zinc deficiency can be a problem for both genders but it can cause prostate problems in males. It can lead to a prostate that is prone to malignancies due to a weakened state of chromosome integrity. There is no dearth of zinc rich foods that one can add to their diet however zinc supplements may be considered in men a healthy prostate.

Vitamin D

While the sun rays are the best source of vitamin D; most men get limited exposure to the sun due to long hours spent indoors and the risk of cancer causing UV rays. However; there are multiple other sources of vitamin D which is integral to prostate health. Vitamin D is one of the main vitamins for prostate health as it comes with various benefits for prostate health. It helps in reducing the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, chronic pelvic pain syndrome and cancer of the prostate. Bearing in mind that vitamin D is the top vitamin that supports the prostate; one must get a regular dose of 1000 to 2000 IU per day which can be derived from plant sources or taken in supplementary form.

Combination of Vitamins B6, B12 and Folic Acid

When you are looking to support your prostate with the correct diet and supplements; it is essential to have vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid in supplementary form. These are the essential vitamins for prostate health. Chromosomal instability syndrome can lead to susceptibility to various malignancies, particularly prostate cancer. A combination of these vitamins with folic acid can largely prevent chromosomal breakage or chromosomal instability syndrome and promote a healthy prostate. Men need a regular dose of 20 mg of vitamin B6, 100 to 200 mcg of vitamin B12 and 400 to 800 mg of folic acid per day to support a healthy prostate.

Vitamin C

If you are making the right dietary choices to support prostate health focus on vitamin C. It is also one of the most crucial vitamins for prostate health. Vitamin C has far ranging positive impacts on the prostate including reducing the risk of an enlarged prostate, preventing prostate cancer to a large extent and fighting bacterial prostatitis. A daily dose of at least 400 mg of vitamin C is recommended for a healthy prostate.


Lycopene is an integral nutrient for prostate health and lycopene deficiencies in men is known to lead to prostate cancer. To try to avoid prostate cancer, lycopene is one of the important vitamins for prostate health and supplementation is the way to go about it. A regular dosage of 2 to 10 mg of Lycopene is recommended by the experts in prostate health.

Combination of Selenium and Vitamin E

Vitamin E when combined with selenium forms a potent team of vitamins for prostate health. A daily dose of 200 IU of vitamin E combined with tocopherols alongside 100 mg of selenium is sure to go a long way in keeping your prostate healthy.


As a part of good nutrition, certain vitamins for prostate health can help prevent prostate problems to some extent. All of the vitamins and nutrients essential for prostate health can be derived from various foods; however, supplementation of the same can be considered, based on physician’s advice.

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