How Does A Prostate Surgery Affect You Sexually?

A prostate surgery, wherein the prostate gland is removed in part or in full, is known as a prostatectomy. If complete prostate gland is removed, it is known as a radical prostatectomy. There are various reasons for which a prostatectomy is recommended and done. The reasons may be anything from a cancer infection to a benign enlargement.

How Does A Prostate Surgery Affect You Sexually?

How Does A Prostate Surgery Affect You Sexually?

Sexual life after a prostate surgery may feel a bit different than how it was before:

  • The most common problem that most of the people are worried about and often face is the problem of erection, also known as erectile dysfunction.
  • If a person never suffered from any erection problems in the past, it may change quite a bit after the prostate surgery.
  • After a prostate surgery, the sexual recovery may take some time.
  • The time required to have a normal sex life varies greatly with different people.
  • It may take as long as 4-5 years to get back your normal sexual life back on tracks.
  • For many people it’s a slow process and they see satisfactory improvements after quite a long time.
  • In spite of all these things, one must never give up or get discouraged.
  • Keeping up the efforts are known to show results, even if the results that you get right away are not entirely what you wanted.

Whether you can enjoy a penetrable sex, depends upon some factors like the type of treatment that has been carried out, whether one or both the nerve bundles are removed, whether you suffered from erectile dysfunction prior to the treatment or surgery and your age; as impotence is quite much related to the age factor as well

  • If a nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy is carried out, returning to a normal sexual life may be time-taking
  • A person who had his prostate removed, usually gets dry orgasms as ejaculation is not present due to the loss of semen
  • Even if it is not possible to maintain an erection for a long time, you must not stop having sex altogether, as some studies say
  • Continuing to have sex even after a prostate surgery is important, most of the experts call it a penile rehabilitation. It can better help men to recover sexually
  • Urine Leaking During Ejaculation. Apart from the erectile dysfunction, other problems that some men encounter are leaking urine during sex. This is also a temporary problem and it will improve over time

Some others experience performance anxiety:

  • This usually comes from the knowledge that prostate plays an important part in erection and you no longer possess a prostate.
  • This problem has more to do with emotional disturbances rather than physical problems
  • A little bit of counseling and talking about your fears with your doctor and partner will help you relieve of this anxiety
  • Some people may experience a general change in their mood and libido

This may happen due to an emotional and psychological impact caused by prostate surgery on you the aftermath of surgery may leave you drained and tired and you may not be in a mood to enjoy sex, leading to irritability and a loss of libido

  • you need to approach in this direction slowly and steadily
  • rushing things is only going to make it worse
  • a gradual approach will be more appropriate one

All things said, erection is only one aspect of sexual life. Sexual life can be pleasurable even in the absence of erection. Please note the fact that erection has nothing to do with orgasm and vice-versa. One can have an orgasm, though it may feel a little different, without erection as well and it can still be pleasurable

A prostate surgery, in part or in full, can affect one’s sexual life in a certain way. However, most of the changes are temporary and they tend to correct themselves over time.

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