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How Long Does Mumps Orchitis Last & Can You Die From Orchitis?

Orchitis implies the inflammation of both of the testicles or only one testicle in men. The problem mainly takes place from a bacterial infection or because of the presence of mumps virus. Bacterial orchitis may take place from various sexually transmitted infections, especially the infection from Chlamydia and gonorrhea. Other than this, you may suffer from bacterial Orchitis because of epididymitis, which refers to the epididymitis inflammation or simply inflammation of a coiled tube, which remains at the back area of one’s testicle.

The tube is mainly responsible for storing and carrying sperm. Orchitis usually causes pain and may affect the condition of fertility. Positively, one can easily treat the condition of bacterial orchitis with proper medication, while easing a few of the signs and symptoms related to viral orchitis. However, if you suffer from scrotal tenderness, you may need several weeks to cure your condition.

How Long Does Mumps Orchitis Last?

How Long Does Mumps Orchitis Last?

Orchitis may develop in about 14 percent to 35 percent of males suffering from mumps virus infection, while men from 15 years to 29 years remain at a relatively higher risk. Symptoms of the problem mainly start from 4 days to 8 days once the parotid swelling onsets. However, Orchitis may even take place without parotitis. Testicular involvement, in this case, is unilateral, while epididymitis has a close association with Orchitis in the majority of cases.

Clinical findings of the problem are malaise, fever, vomiting, pain in the lower abdominal area and testicular region. The testicle often swells and tenders for about 3 days to 7 days. Mumps virus often cultures from its RNA and seminal fluid, while it highlights in semen after many weeks of the infection takes place. Most of the patients suffering from mumps Orchitis have C-reactive protein in its elevated form.

In most of the cases, doctors recommend treatment procedures to cure mumps Orchitis according to the patients’ underlying symptoms. In some cases, doctors recommend for bed rest and the application of ice packs, scrotal support, and varieties of anti-inflammatory agents. Approximately 50% of total males suffering from mumps Orchitis recover completely but need a few weeks. On the other side, a few other men experience testicular atrophy in some other form. Positively, infertility condition takes place rarely even though sperm count and sperm mobility may reduce to some extent.(2)

Can You Die From Orchitis?

A few of the men suffering from Orchitis may experience shrinking of their affected testicles and losing their regular functions. If you make a delay in undergoing proper treatment and precautions, you have to suffer from long-term damage to the testicle/testicles. Moreover, in some cases, Orchitis, if left untreated, may cause damage in one or both of the testicles, along with the condition of infertility. Along with this, a few of the individuals with a severe form of Orchitis may have critical illness followed by death.(3)

Causes Of Orchitis

Orchitis may take place from either of the viral or bacterial infections. However, in some of the cases, the exact cause of Orchitis remains unknown or fails to determine easily. In this situation, doctors refer to the condition as idiopathic orchitis.

Viral Orchitis: Viral orchitis often takes place from the virus of mumps. Approximately one-third of total males contracting with mumps after their puberty often develop the problem of Orchitis. In this case, a person suffers from orchitis after 4 days to 7 days the mumps onset.

Bacterial Orchitis: Bacterial orchitis often takes place because of epididymitis, which often caused by the infection of bladder and urethra, which spread towards the epididymitis. Besides, in some cases, the infection takes place in the form of a sexually transmitted disease. Other prime causes of the infection are born with urinary tract abnormalities and catheter inserted in the penis.(1)


To conclude, we should say that recovery from mumps Orchitis needs a period of a few weeks. However, death may take place only when you leave the Orchitis untreated or when it reaches to the severe form.


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