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Can You Have Orchitis Without Epididymitis & How Do You Stop It From Spreading?

Orchitis refers to the inflammation of only one or both of the testicles in men. Viral or bacterial infections may cause the problem of orchitis. However, in some cases, the underlying cause remains unknown. Orchitis often takes place because of any of the sexually transmitted infections, while in some cases; it also takes place because of the mumps virus.

Bacterial orchitis relates closely with epididymitis i.e. an inflammation caused to the coiled tube called epididymis present at the back area of testicles, which carries and stores sperm. In this case, the problem refers to epididymo-orchitis. Orchitis sometimes causes severe pain and may affect the condition of fertility. Medication may help in relieving bacterial type of orchitis and in easing various signs and symptoms related to viral orchitis. However, if you have scrotal tenderness, you may need several weeks to overcome your problem.(1)

Can You Have Orchitis Without Epididymitis?

Can You Have Orchitis Without Epididymitis?

Orchitis Takes Place From The Mumps Virus

Yes, Orchitis in some cases, takes place without bacterial infection i.e. epididymitis. The reason for this is that it takes place in the form of viral orchitis due to mumps virus. Approximately, one-third of males contract with the infection of mumps after their puberty develop the problem of orchitis and usually for four days to seven days after the onset of the problem.

Additional Factors To Cause Orchitis

Orchitis may also take place due to other factors, such as-

  • Fail to immunize oneself against the problem of mumps
  • Recurring urinary tract infections
  • Surgery, which involves urinary tract or genitals
  • Abnormality present in the urinary tract by birth

Along with this, sexual behaviors may cause sexually transmitted infections and thereby, put you at a high risk to suffer from sexually transmitted orchitis. Common behaviors in this case are-

  • Multiple sex partners
  • Involvement in unprotected sexual activity
  • Sex with an individual, who has sexually transmitted infection
  • Personal history related to sexually transmitted infection.(3)

Ways To Stop Or Prevent Orchitis From Spreading To Other Body Parts Or Individuals?

  • You should use certain home remedies to manage your Orchitis condition. These are intake of pain relievers, application of ice packs and elevation of testicles whenever it is possible to make yourself comfortable.
  • You should make sure to avoid intercourse in any of the high-risk situations. This is because; you expose to various sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections.
  • If you have multiple sex partners, you should make sure using a condom, as it reduces your probability or incidence of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Men of 50 years or higher should undergo an examination of the prostates at the time of yearly physical examinations.
  • Get proper vaccination for you and your children to stay protected from mumps and in turn, to reduce the risk related to suffering from contracting orchitis.(4)(5)(6)

Symptoms Of Orchitis

If you suffer from orchitis, you may experience a rapid onset of mild to severe form of pain in one or both of your testicles, which may even spread to your groin. Common symptoms are-

  • Tenderness, swelling, purple or redness of one or both of the testicles
  • Heavy feeling in your swollen testicle area
  • Presence of blood in the semen

Along with this, a few of the patients suffering from Orchitis experience other symptoms, like nausea, high fever, vomiting, groin pain, pain during urination and pain combined with strain during a bowel movement. However, a few individuals experience pain only sexual intercourse or simply feel ill.(2)


To conclude, we should say that Orchitis takes place without the bacterial infection of epididymitis i.e. because of mumps or viral infection, along with a few of the risk factors. However, regardless of the underlying cause, one can easily cure the problem of Orchitis with simple and easy steps.


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