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How Does Orchitis Affect The Body & What Triggers It?

Orchitis refers to the inflammation of testicles present in men and it often takes place because of bacterial or viral infection. Orchitis may take place due to the spread of certain bacteria from the blood of a person to various locations in his body. In some cases, a bacterial form of Orchitis may take place in the form of epididymitis progression. Here, epididymitis implies the infection of a tube, which is responsible to carry semen out from the testicles.(1)

How Does Orchitis Affect The Body?

How Does Orchitis Affect The Body?

Signs and symptoms of orchitis often develop suddenly and consist of-

  • Swelling in any one or both of the testicles
  • Mild to severe form of pain
  • Tenderness with or without pain in the testicles and it may even last for many weeks
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Fever(2)

Effect Of Orchitis Based On Its Complications

Orchitis may involve the following major complications-

Testicular Atrophy: In the case of testicular atrophy, Orchitis may force in shrinking of the affected testicle or testicles.

Scrotal Abscess: If a person suffers from a scrotal abscess, his infected tissue gets fills with pus.

Recurrent Epididymitis: Orchitis may sometimes cause recurrent episodes related to epididymitis.

Infertility: On an occasional basis, the problem of Orchitis causes inadequate production of testosterone i.e. hypogonadism or infertility. However, both of these problems take place less likely if Orchitis affects only one between the two different testicles.(3)

What Triggers Orchitis?

Orchitis may take place because of both bacterial and viral infections. Accordingly-

Bacterial Infections: Escherichia coli, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus are few of the common bacteria to cause the problem of Orchitis. Depending solely on the underlying bacteria, a person may suffer from prostate infection combined with Orchitis. Along with this, in some cases, you may suffer from Epididymitis i.e. inflammation of the backward tube of one’s testicle causes Orchitis.

Secondly, a large number of sexually active men suffer from Orchitis because of Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis or any other bacteria responsible to cause sexually transmitted diseases. These men are mostly of 19 years to 35 years age. Besides, you remain at high risk if you have multiple sex partners or involve in high-risk and unprotected sexual activities. Furthermore, you may suffer from Orchitis if you or any of your sexual partners have a history related to sexually transmitted infections.

Viral Infections: Viruses that may cause mumps may even cause Orchitis. This case is common among young boys, especially the ones of 15 years to 35 years. In this case, Orchitis starts after about 4 days to 6 days after the beginning of mumps. One-third of boys suffering from mumps develop the problem of Orchitis and end up with the problem of testicular atrophy. Here, testicular atrophy indicates a condition that causes the shrinking of one’s testicles. Because of this, it is essential for children, especially boys to get vaccinated to avoid the disease of mumps.

Other Reasons

  • If you experience urinary tract infections
  • If you are of 45 years age or even more
  • If you need catheter treatment for your bladder frequently.(2)

Risk Factors To Trigger Orchitis

If we talk about the non-sexually transmitted type of Orchitis, it has the following major risk factors-

  • Failure of proper vaccination or immunization against the infection of mumps
  • Suffering from the recurring type of urinary tract infections
  • Undergo a surgical process that involves the urinary tract or genitals
  • Possess abnormality in urinary tract right from the birth

Other than this, sexual behaviors may sometimes result in sexually transmitted infections and thereby, put you at a huge risk to suffer from sexually transmitted Orchitis. These behaviors are as follows-

  • Sex with multiple sexual partners
  • Sex with any person, who is suffering from a sexually transmitted type of infection
  • Involve in sexual activities without using a condom
  • A personal history related to sexually transmitted infection.(4)


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