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Why Do I Urinate So Often At Night & Why Do I Leak Pee After Urination?

Proper sleep at night without disturbance keep your whole day packed with energy and you feel fresh throughout the day. But the frequent urge to urination may compel to you rush to the toilet again and again at night that disturbs your sleep. If you urinate more than two times each night, then this condition is known as nocturia. It is quite common in old people above the age of 60 years. It is not similar to enuresis or bedwetting. Enuresis is a condition when you pee involuntarily at night.

Why Do I Urinate So Often At Night?

Why Do I Urinate So Often At Night?

Most people take a full night’s sleep of six to eight hours without an urge to urinate at night. But, if you go to the washroom more than two times in sleep at night, then this condition is known as nocturia. Nighttime urination compels you to go to the washroom several times at night. This disturbs your sleep. In severe cases, some people go to the toilet five to six times at night.(1)

The causes for frequent urination at night include-

Aging- aging is an important reason for frequent nighttime urination. It happens because, with the increase in age, the production of antidiuretic hormone gets reduced. It leads to a reduction in the retention of fluids. It induces much production of urine, especially at night. With the progressing age, muscles in the bladder also weaken with time, which affects one’s ability to hold urine.(1)

Drinking Excess Fluids Before Bed- drinking too much fluid before bed also triggers frequent urination at night. Some people have a habit to drink alcohol, coffee, etc before going to sleep, this may affect your sleep by triggering the frequent urge to urinate.(1)

Urinary Tract Infections– bacterial infections in the bladder or other infections in the urinary tract induce excessive urination at night.(1)

Medications- some medications such as diuretics encourage frequent urination to reduce blood pressure and other ailments. It is also another reason for having excessive nighttime urination.(1)

Pregnancy- women develop nighttime urination during pregnancy or after childbirth. It happens due to the pressure of developing uterus on the bladder. The childbirth process, especially through the vagina, may weaken the pelvic floor muscles that may induce excessive urination in the night.(1)

Other Medical Conditions- medical ailments such as diabetes, chronic kidney failure, enlarged prostate, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or congestive heart failure may cause excessive urination at night. Nighttime urination is itself a symptom of an underlying medical condition.(1)

Why Do I Leak Pee After Urination?

If you feel leaking of urine even after urination, then it is termed as urinary incontinence. It is more common in women than in men. The reasons for peeing even after urination include-

  • The smaller size of the bladder according to the age(1)
  • Surgery or radiation therapy is done to the vagina (female) or prostate (males)(2)
  • Injuries to the pelvis(2)
  • Weak structure of the urinary tract or nervous system(3)
  • Pregnancy(2)
  • Stress and anxiety(2)
  • Urinary tract infections(2)

These factors may weaken the pelvic floor muscles that render stress or pressure on the bladder muscles. It eventually weakens the bladder muscles. It, in turn, affects the capacity of the bladder to store urine and thus urine gets leaked even after voiding. It may happen more commonly at night in females. It, in turn, interrupts your sleep and may affect your daily routine because of daytime sleepiness and tiredness.(2)


You may urinate often at night due to factors like old age, the habit of drinking more fluids before bed, urinary tract infections, pregnancy (in women), and others discussed above. You may leak pee even after complete urination because of weak bladder muscles and pelvic floor muscles due to the causes mentioned above.


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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