How Seat Belts Prevent Injuries and Save Lives?

According to the worldwide mortality rate, around 1.2 million people die each year due to car accidents and more than 50 million people get injured badly. And 65% of the car accidents happen due to not fastening seat belts. The studies claimed by CDCP – The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, mentioned that around 255,000 has been saved in United States from year 1989-2001. Seat belts are the safety belts that are designed to prevent the occupants of the vehicle from getting hit or collide with the inside features of the vehicle itself caused due to sudden hit or harmful collision. Seat belts prevent harmful injury thereby saving millions of lives. Here are the ways how seat belts protect you from injury and save your life.

How Seat Belts Prevent Injuries and Save Lives?

How Seat Belts Prevent Injuries and Save Lives?

  1. Seat Belts Helps to Slow Down Your Body Motion in a Vehicle Collision and Prevents Injury

    Every moving object has momentum and when an object moves at its own speed and direction, unless an outside external force applied on an object, the object will continue moving at its previous same direction and speed which is the law of inertia and Newton’s First Law of Motion. Seat belts are designed in a style to avoid or prevent maximum injuries and save lives. When an impact hits your vehicle or your vehicle collides and accident occurs and then a sudden quick change in speed can be seen in which your seat belts extend the time to take for your motion or speed to slow down in a hit to avoid maximum hit or injury.

  2. Seat Belts Can Protect Your From Head and Spinal Cord Injury

    Seat belts are provided in all vehicles to protect your head, spinal cord and entire upper body which are the most critical and important parts of your body which might get severely injury if not prevented smartly. Head injuries and spinal cord damages are common in car accidents and fastening seat belts save million lives by keeping the head and spinal cord restrained to the seat to avoid hitting the dashboard, steering, front glass or any interior of the vehicle.

  3. Wearing Seat Belts Helps Keep the Occupants Inside the Vehicle and Prevents Injuries

    The law of inertia happens when your vehicle gets hit and stopped by any external force but your body’s moving speed continues in its own path due to inertia hence, without seat belts the occupant’s body inside the car experiences the law of inertia and gets thrown out from the car’s front glass and experiencing head injury or spinal injury. But fastening seat belts might save your life by preventing that force to expel you out of the vehicle.

  4. Seat Belts Spreads Out the Force of Impact

    In many vehicles seat belts are designed for locking shoulder and lap with belts and they are the crucial reason behind millions of saved lives. When a sudden impact is experienced by your vehicle, the lap and shoulder belts equally distribute the force of impact over a broad area of your body by preventing a concentrated stress on any one part or area to avoid worse injury. These belts are designed in such a way that they keep your head and spinal cord maximum stretched to slow down your body but still avoid from getting hit by the dashboard or any interior part of the vehicle.

  5. Seat Belt Holds the Strongest Parts of Body Firmly and Prevents Injuries and Saves Lives

    Seat belts are the life savers and so are the air bags present in your vehicle that appear on car collision. Seat belts hold the strongest part of your body firmly to prevent injury in crucial parts of the body such as head, shoulders, spinal cord, hips and limbs.

    Life is way too precious and not fastening seat belts would be a very foolish and dangerous act while driving your vehicle. Accidents not only ruin the occupant(s) lives but also several lives related to them. Putting on seat belts prevents serious injuries can helps save your life. Seat belts also give you a second opportunity to live your life rather repenting over your mistake sitting in heaven. Laws and rules of safe driving should be explained to all students and teenagers and governments of all countries worldwide should impose penalty over violating any of the driving rules and laws for every citizen and drivers. So guys next time when you drive, fasten your seat belts first before accelerating your vehicle because your loved ones love you.

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