Motorcycle Accident: Causes And Prevention Tips

A famous quote explains, “If you close your eyes to the fact, you will learn through accidents!” There are many cases of accidents we read and learn every single day in our life. Every accident may be in the personal life or may be on the road; has its root causes somewhere either in you or somewhere linked to you nearby. Like the crisis which one suffer in life, any kind of road accident is also a devastator which can make you know how important life is, and how crucial it is for one to keep safety precaution along with while moving out on a ride. Coming to the motorcycle accidents which riders suffer on roads, may be because of the speeding, because of alcoholism or some other reason that lies within; or the accidental causes that are not due to personal carelessness, but because of mistakes caused by some other source like any other vehicle colliding, bad weather etc., where the biker suffers from a crisis; there are a lot of things to discuss. Now, this current article will put a limelight on the motorcycle accidents keeping in mind on what are all the real causes that leads to motorcycle accidents, how are these accidents needed to be prevented and what all help one can have from the motor cycle accident attorney. So here we go with our read below.

Motorcycle Accident - Common Causes Of Motor Cycle Accidents

Common Causes Of Motor Cycle Accidents:

It is always necessary to find out the negative sources which impact your life in any ways. Getting rid of negative source requires understanding them in real. Coming to the road motorcycle accidents, there are some such negative elements which causes the accidents.

Look Below For The Common Causes Of Motor Cycle Accidents:

  • Motorcycle Accidents Occurring When The Motorcyclist Enter A Corner At A Speed Or Too Fast: There are motorcyclists who have a bad habit of riding with excess of speed in free roads. Doing this, there are chances of hitting the road corner when there is a speed driving and the vehicle suddenly enters the corner of the road, hits to some object like tree or telephonic polls etc.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Car In Front Changing Lane: There are accidents when a car running in another lane suddenly changes its lane to the lane where the motorcyclist is running with it.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Caused When Another Vehicle Hits The Motorcyclist From Behind: In such cases, there is no fault from the biker and he may be riding safe, but another vehicle might hit from behind.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Due To Irresponsible And Careless Group Rides: There are group of friends who prefer riding bikes in group. A single mistake or careless ride done by any one friend in the riding span, can cause motorcycle accidents within them. For example, in case one friend is riding the motorcycle at a particular pace and suddenly gives a break, the person riding behind him is obviously going to hit the front biker.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Due To Bad Weather, Like Rain, Fog Etc: In case there is rain, the roads are usually slippery where a motorcycle is going to meet with accidents because of slips. There are also road accidents occurring due to fog where there is improper visibility.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Cause Due To Stationary Car Opening Its Door Suddenly: In case a car standing in front or running in front a biker opens the door all of a sudden, it is definite that the bike running behind would collide to the door of the car and meet with accident.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Caused Because Of Drink And Drive: There are cases where the motorcyclist is over drunk while driving, which leads to the motorcycle accidents.
  • Motorcycle Accident Due To High Speed Riding: There are motorcycle accidents occurring due to excessive speed riding. Usually people riding the sports bike have greater chances of accidents than the conventional bikes.

Motorcycle Accidents Prevention Tips:

“Accidents are the most common in people who love to enjoy the journey of life without keeping safety!” It is absolutely fair to enjoy your rides, enjoy the riding; but it is always better to keep safe concerns with you while riding on roads. Because as the say, “Accident hurts! Safety doesn’t!”

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Let us read on the safety precaution for preventing the motorcycle accidents below. To make the task of understanding simpler and easier, we will study the tips for preventing accidents under two categories, i.e. on-road safety precautions and off-road safety tips.

On-Road Safety Tips For Motorcyclists:

  • Wear appropriate motorcycle attire including the helmets, bike jacket, gloves etc. These all accessories help you keep safe from getting severely hurt in accidents.
  • Keep away from high speed riding, and riding with alcohol intake.
  • Make sure you are keeping a proper eye while making turns with your bikes.
  • Keep note on riding carefully in highways and go with your own riding skills. Be aware of the conditions that can possibly lead you to a corner object hit and keep consciousness while riding.
  • Keep note to use daylight and use horn in case of alarming weather or bad road condition.
  • Make sure not to share lanes with cars. There are special lanes for cars, which must not be followed by the motorcyclists.
  • Beware of the situations where cars can have their lane changed. You must look for any signs or signals of turn, the car wheels turning, the car wandering around in its own lane and the driver constantly looking at the mirror, and also look for if the car driver’s head is frequently moving. These all signs can be possibly found before changing lanes.

Off-Road Safety Tips For Motorcyclists:

  • It is good to make a buy on all the motorcycle attire for self, which would help you ride with safe proofs on self to protect from dangers of accident. Helmet, jackets, gloves etc are some of the most common crucial attires every biker must have for self.
  • It is necessary to keep the bike in proper updated serviced condition. There is a sure shot requirement to properly tune up from a licensed bike mechanic. So make sure you take your bike checked before riding.
  • It is a great safety measure to remain updated on the motorcycle visibility. It is needed to keep your mirror, headlights, indicator lights in proper condition and stay with best vision to avoid accidents due to improper vision.
  • Make sure you are not taking alcohol before or while riding bikes.
  • Keep your insurance reviewed from time to time.
  • Make sure you are well aware of the road safety tips, and known to the motor cycle riding tips in a professional manner.
  • It is good to keep yourself involved with the motorcycle clubs and stay updated with the latest tips on motor cycle, meet with other professional motorcyclists and have fine practice of riding motor cycle.

Reach to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney:

“It is very much true that visiting someone who can actually help during your odds, is something the task of priority.” If you are someone who has met with a motorcycle accident in recent times and suffering from the hazards of pain and suffering; you would surely not want to add on further issues in your suffering by the medical bills, treatment costs, and loss to property caused especially due to someone else’s fault. This is where you need to consult with an expert motorcycle accident attorney who can guide you with proper advice and representation. An experienced and potential motorcycle accident attorney or an auto accident lawyer will assist you in proper understanding of the various auto accident laws and help you go for the right claim on the loss of property or any of the financial help which can be claimed from any third party involvement in the accident.

Conclusion: A note to end!

“Accidents do not alarm before they happen. But you can keep yourself well alert about the conditions that can lead you to meet the ditch in front.” So, be sure you have known all the important causes and the safety tips for keeping self protected from the unwanted nasty road accidents. Motorcycle riding is one of the best passions one can have in him. Make sure your passion do not hit you, rather hit the roads with style!

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