Motorcycle Accident: Statistics, Reasons, Common & Severe Injuries, Protective Measure, Role of Attorney

“Bikers are the ones who like freedom to their best!” Motorcycles are the vehicles which offer a greater sense of freedom and openness than any other vehicle. Being more fuel efficient than the cars, bikes are more preferred by people as a cost effective mode of transportation. However, it will not be wrong mentioning that motorcycle riders have a great chance of serious accidents and sustaining severe injuries in motorcycle accident. Every day we come across the road accidents, injury and death on roads. Though motorcycle accidents might not always be frequent, but these bike accidents are most commonly serious and hazardous that can not only cause serious damage in injuries but also can take away the life. Now, let us discuss on the specialized motorcycle accidents in the current article and put some limelight on some of the most common and severe injuries associated with the motorcycle road accidents. Apart from this, we will also look upon the importance of being in touch with the Motorcycle Accident Attorneys to prevent dispute and obtain options of better treatment.

Motorcycle Accident

So, for all those bikers who are ready to get their steel horses out from home and hit the roads; do make an eye read on the following array of the content and safe guard self for a better ride in life.

Motorcycle Accidents Alarming Statistics:

Dangers are associated with riding motorcycles and statistics do show that there are more dangers to life following bike accident than car accident. Let us look below for a better way of understanding the alarming statistics of motorcycle accidents.

  • About 11% of road accidents occurring in USA, are of motorcycle accidents.
  • Studies from the year 2006 shows that the motorcycle deaths were 35 times more than the deaths caused with car accidents. Now, this is definitely an alarming statistics.
  • The reports from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, suggests that about 80% of the injuries caused with motorcycle accidents results in the victim’s death.
  • In 2006, approximately 88,000 of people were killed in motorcycle accidents on Highway and approx 48,110 motorcycle accident deaths involved on the public roads.
  • There are statistics showing that there are many deaths caused in the motorcyclists with age group below 34 years mostly (though there are cases with the bikers above 40 years) riding the sports motorcycles. It is seen that the motorcycle accident deaths caused with such sports bikes are two times more than the conventional motorcycles.
  • One Insurance institute for Highway loss in 2009 submitted a data mentioning that about half (56% approx) of the motorcycle accidents taken place in the year, involved at least one other vehicle in the accident.
  • The data shows that there are motorcycle accidents with 42% of cases the cars making a left hand turn, colliding with the motorcyclists.
  • The data shows about 25% of the motorcycle accidents involved no other vehicle with the accident.
  • The 2009 data also submits that around 48% of the motorcycle accident deaths involved with the motorcyclist speeding and about 42% with alcoholic motorcyclist riding.

Most Frequent Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents:

“Every accident has its root cause and that makes it known to form the accident.” Coming to the various causes or the sources leading to the motorcycle accidents, we can study them all under the category that leads to the road bike accidents. Check the current list for most frequent forms of motorcycle accidents.

  • Motorcycle accidents with head-to-head collision with other vehicles.
  • Motorcycle accidents with cars taking left turn.
  • Accidents with high speed motorcycles and alcoholic motorcyclists.
  • Motorcycle accidents with motorcycle lane splitting.
  • Motorcycle accidents with the motorcycle colliding with fixed objects.

Most Common & Severe Injuries Caused By Motorcycle Accidents:

“More the freedom, more is the risk!” This saying can be explained with the fact that though the motorcycle offers a greater room for openness and freedom to ride in an cost effective, fuel efficient manner; it is obvious to say there are a great risk of severe injuries and dangerous deaths on the motorcycle road accidents. Bikers do meet with a lot of common injuries in the road accidents. There are many cases where the motorcyclists suffer from intensely serious injuries and even meet with the death on the motorcycle accidents.

Let us study some of the common and severe injuries caused with the motorcycle accidents.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Include The Following:

  • Skin Bruises and Abrasions Sustained in Motorcycle Accident: Bruises and Abrasions are very much common in motorcycle accidents. In such injuries, the bikers do develop laceration in the skin and abrasion in the bone when the motorcycle hits the ground with speed or friction. Such skin laceration and bones abrasions can be mildly painful in some cases but are extremely painful in many cases and also might require plastic surgeries in order to get rid of the harsh scarring.
  • Hematoma and Contusions: In a high speed motorcycle skid accident, the rider is likely to skid along with the bike a long distance and likely to injure the buttocks and extremities resulting in buttock contusion and bleeding. Bleeding results in subcutaneous hematoma often causes skin discoloration and skin become purple.
  • Fractures as a Result of Motorcycle Accident: A strong collision or being thrown from the bike can surely cause bone fractures in many parts of the body. Facial fractures are common in motorcycle accidents where helmets are not worn. The other skeletal injuries results in fracture of upper and lower extremities as well as ribs. Type of fracture is often displace, comminuted and compound in nature. The compound fracture is often follows osteomyelitis and bone infection. Common fractures noted in Motorcycle accident include, facial fracture, fracture of any of the joints of the hands and legs, and Fracture of hips.
  • Hand Injuries Sustained In Motorcycle Accident: Injuries to the biker’s arm in case of motorcycle accidents may lead to hand fractures and also a serious damage to the nerve in the arm which may also remain permanent sometimes. Permanent nerve damage is surely a serious struggling issue.
  • Soft Tissue Damage As a Result of Motorcycle Accident: Motorcycle accidents cause soft tissue damage. The trauma causes muscle, ligament and tendon tear. The soft tissue damage is often overlooked when associated with fracture or dislocation. Motor vehicle accident can cause severe ear injury resulting in temporary or permanent damage of the eardrum. Such damage can cause unilateral or bilateral deafness.

Severe Motorcycle Accident Injuries Include The Following:

  • Spinal Cord Injuries Resulting In Quadriplegia and Paraplegia Due To Motorcycle Accident: Most serious injury that can even lead to death of the victim in a motorcycle accident are the spinal cord injuries and which may cause severe life threatening issues. Spinal cord injury in neck causes quadriplegia and in lower back causes paraplegia. Severe spinal cord injuries are caused by fracture of vertebrae or subluxation of vertebral body. Mild spinal cord injury may result in numbness or partial weakness in legs or arms. Injuries of vertebrae may result in fracture of body of vertebra or fracture of lamina and pedicle. The skeletal trauma may cause spinal stenosis or foraminal stenosis resulting in radicular pain or muscle weakness.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury or Head injury:Head is the most important part of the individual, which includes not just the skull but also the brain. Motorcycle accidents are known to cause fracture of skull and brain injury. Brain injury is also known as TBI or traumatic brain injury. There are head traumas which may either lead to mild traumatic brain injuries also known as concussion or the serious brain injuries known as brain contusion. In case of the mild traumatic brain injury, the biker loses his consciousness for few minutes. In severe traumatic brain injuries, symptoms may be long lasting and can cause permanent impairments. The symptoms of TBI are as follows-
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Blurred Vision
    • Headaches, and Loss of taste or smell sensing
    • Loss of memory & concentration etc.
    • There may be severe behavioral changes and impaired speech & language with the serious brain injuries due to motorcycle accidents.
  • Post Injury Emotional Trauma: Post traumatic emotional injures causes anxiety, stress disorder and severe depression. There are victims who may suffer with severe emotional traumas because of the motorcycle accident injuries and loss. Such emotional traumas may lead to many sick mental conditions like PTSD, severe depression and stress disorders.

Self-Help Protective Measures For Motorcyclists To Avoid Motorcycle Accident:

“There is no protector for you if you have not learnt protecting self.” Here below are some of the self-help protective measures for the motorcycle riders. Check the below list for understanding some of the self help tips while riding motorcycle.

  • Wear the protective equipments including the helmet, gloves, motorcycle jackets 7 suits etc… which can protect you from sustaining serious injuries in motorcycle accidents.
  • There are many current days’ motorcycles gears available for presenting extra visibility to the biker, and help in effective protection from fine padding and armor. It is a must to be aware of this.
  • Avoid taking alcohol while or before riding bike.
  • Keep your motorcycle in finely serviced condition.
  • Know about the road safety rules to be followed in public roads as well as highways.
  • Make sure you are in touch with the Motorcycle accident attorneys for better help.

Role of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney & Importance of Contacting a Lawyer:

Injuries following motor vehicle accident often are life threatening and serious. The claim is often denied by insurance company or postponed until outcome of the investigation. The expertise to overcome such dispute is overwhelming to average individual let alone injured individual. “A friend in need is friend indeed.” The legal advice to obtain optimum treatment is essential in few cases. It is often necessary to contact an attorney who is experienced in handling such a claim. Motorcycle accident attorney will help you during your odd times. Motorcycle accident attorneys can eliminate or reduce the emotional, financial and mental pressure while you are going through multiple tests to prevent or diagnose life threatening injuries caused by motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident attorney or a motorcycle accident lawyer does play a crucial role in reducing the medical bills, accident loss to private property, and many more which can be an added misery to the pain and suffering caused with the accident.

Victim must contact an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident attorney, who is well aware and also understands the complex sets of laws to assist you. The good honest attorney will prevent financial crisis and get the best possible justice in case there is an accident because of any third party involvement. Though best therapy to prevent such emotional and financial stress is to avoid accident.

Concluding Oration:

“Everything that is done for freedom is to be enjoyed in life to the best!” It is also to be kept in mind, freedom for life is about enjoyment and satisfaction, not about ending or risking life. So, be sure if you are one of those free riders, if you are one of the motorcyclist who love to experience the open mode of road transport then be well aware about the self protective measures while riding the bike and also get yourself informed about the best Motorcycle accident attorneys to safe guard self and help you come out of the troubling times in injury due to the accidents.

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