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Injured At Work: Do I Get Paid?

When a worker gets hurt at the workplace, it is the responsibility of the employer to cover the medical expense as well as pay the salary of the days that are missed. Thus in case, you have any minor or major accident at the time of doing work or if you are injured at the workplace you can claim compensation fund from your employer. Many people often wonder what to do if we are injured at work? Do I get paid? Let us understand this in detail.

Injured At Work: Do I Get Paid?

Injured At Work – Do I Get Paid?

If you are working in an organization and somehow you get injured while at work, then you can claim full compensation from your employer. It is generally seen that in almost all responsible organizations, employees are covered with insurance. As such, the employer also generally does not feel reluctant to provide medical expense. So, if you are wondering about what to do if your are injured at work and do you get paid or not, it is important to know your rights as an employee.

However, in this case, it is very important that employee follow certain rules so that you get paid, if you are injured at work.

Reporting the Injury or Illness As Soon As Possible. If you have an injury at the workplace it is very essential that you report about the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Apart from that, it is very important that your doctor should declare that the injury is caused due to an accident in the workplace. If you do not have any paperwork, it becomes difficult to claim the medical expense of the insurance company. Hence, it is very important that you report about your injury and get the paperwork ready as soon as possible. This is the most basic step in making the grounds to get paid if you are injured at work.

Visiting the Right Healthcare Provider. In case you have a serious injury, you may need to get admitted to the hospital. In such a case, it becomes necessary to book an ambulance. It is also essential to report the employer and make the arrangement for the ambulance as soon as possible. However, if the case is not so critical then it is generally seen that the employers may prefer to go to a particular hospital or clinic or doctor. In such cases, the worker should go to that place where his employers tell or are in the network of the insurance companies, otherwise the employer may not provide the medical expense. This too is an important criteria to get paid if you’re injured at work.

Complete Medical Record Including History of Injury. In your medical record, it is very important to make sure that it includes the place where it is caused and also declares that the injury is not caused due to the past illness of the workers. Because the medical report is generally sent to the employer or the insurance company and in case they find the injury occurred due to the past medical history then they will become reluctant to compensate your medical expense. Hence, past medical history and confirmation that the present injury is a fresh one is important to get paid when you are injured at work.

Ask the Employer to Explain the Details of Compensation. You should ask the employer to get the brochure where the complete rules of compensation are there. It is important to read those documents very carefully and check whether your compensation is done as per the rules or not. Knowing the rules regarding your compensation for injury at work can help you plan better for the application of your claim.


Thus, it is very important to know for every worker that in case they get injured at work, they do get paid, as it is the responsibility of the employer to compensate all the medical expense required for recovery. Apart from that, as per law, the employee will also get the full salary of those days when the employee could not go the workplace due to the injury that is caused by the accident at the workplace. If the worker knows all the rules about what to do in that situation then the employer will not be able to deny compensating the medical expense as in such case the worker may take legal action against the employer. So, remember, if an employee is injured at work, you do get paid, just that you need to follow the criteria and produce all documents for claim submission.


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