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Are There Any Signs Of Pregnancy In The First Week?

One of the most obvious signs of pregnancy is a missed period. However, this is not the only sign of pregnancy. You get pregnant the very instant that the implantation occurs in the uterus. Symptoms of conception or pregnancy usually start within the first week of conception. However, either due to excitement or anxiety or both, expectant mothers do not recognize them. After crossing a few days or weeks, the body starts giving indications about pregnancy, even before your next menstrual period is due.

Are There Any Signs Of Pregnancy In The First Week?

Are There Any Signs Of Pregnancy In The First Week?

It is possible to know that you are pregnant even during the first week of conception or even before your period is missed. Some of you may experience some of these signs and symptoms which may give you a fair hint about your pregnancy status-

Rise In BBT (Basal Body Temperature)

This is one of the most accurate signs of pregnancy. However, the basal body temperature needs to be monitored for months before pregnancy, so that any changes in the temperature can be noted. Before the ovulation, the basal body temperature rises and after the period cycle, it comes back to normal. However, during pregnancy, the temperature stays risen throughout. This is because, the body prepares itself to get the new life adjusted into the system and this increases the temperature. If your body temperature stays on an increase for more than 20 to 25 days after ovulation, it may be a sign of a new life taking shape.

Breast Changes-

Tender, sore, heavy breasts and dark areolas can be one of the first promising signs of pregnancy and may appear a week before your next period is due.

This change can be attributed to the increasing estrogen amounts after conception

Nipples may begin to feel itchy, look darker and feel prickly

Though these symptoms are seen even during a pre-menstrual period, if you are pregnant these will continue for quite some weeks even after you miss your period

Extreme Tiredness And Exhaustion-

Extreme tiredness or fatigue and exhaustion along with sleepiness are one of the early signs of pregnancy

This sign is attributed to the progesterone levels and also the body is busy producing more blood to help in the growth of the fetus, which leads to exhaustion

Eating a balanced, healthy and a nutritious diet can help in taking care of this problem

Nausea Or Morning Sickness-

This is one of the commonest and prominent signs of early pregnancy

This symptom can develop within days of conception

Nausea and vomiting are the symptoms and it may be caused due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone

It may vanish after a few weeks of pregnancy or in some cases may stay till the end of pregnancy

Smell Sensitivity-

A sudden dislike for a smell or a liking for some foods can be seen earlier in pregnancy

This may or may not continue in later months

Some expectant mothers even lose their appetite just before they miss their periods


Due to the increased levels of progesterone, you may feel bloating due to improper digestion and collection of gases

Controlling portions of diet and eating healthy foods can help here

Desire To Urinate-

An increased desire to urinate is another prominent sign of early pregnancy

This happens as uterus starts pushing urinary bladder and also, hormones and increased blood circulation is responsible for this

This will probably continue for the entire period of pregnancy

Mood Swings-

These are due to hormonal changes, may appear early in pregnancy and will probably continue throughout pregnancy

Thick Cervical Mucus-

After the conception, cervical mucus thickens and stays that way till your period is missed.


Some signs can be seen in the first week of pregnancy. Others start a little later. These signs and symptoms may or may not stay throughout pregnancy and will differ from woman to woman.


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