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Can A Woman With Small Uterus Get Pregnant?

Many women do not come to know that their uterus is small until their pregnancy. It is detected during an ultrasound examination or gynecological examination. The news can actually be a cause of immense worry and it is important to get to know the reason behind it. The question of can a woman with small uterus get pregnant hovers around. Let us understand the facts about it.

The size of the uterus varies in all women. The size considered as generally a normal range is around 3 to 4 inches by 2.5 inches. In women even if the size is not as large as this the uterus is completely normal and healthy. The overall body physique of the woman also plays a major factor in the size of the uterus. There are higher chances of a small uterus in a female with a thin body and small face.

Can A Woman With Small Uterus Get Pregnant?

Can A Woman With Small Uterus Get Pregnant?

The fetus resides in the uterus and grows to become a baby by the end of the pregnancy. It is therefore important to know whether a woman can conceive with a small uterus. So, can a woman with small uterus get pregnant? While there are various factors revolving around this, with proper care and management it can be achieved. Medial advice and relevant investigations will help analyze the case. The causes of small uterus must be investigated first and corrected, if possible. If the small uterus resulting from certain causes cannot support conception and pregnancy the same needs to be verified. If the uterus seems healthy otherwise, appropriate steps to improve its size and support pregnancy must be taken. Although even if a woman with small uterus gets pregnant, she needs utmost care throughout the pregnancy. Constant monitoring and timely intervention can help a great deal.

A small uterus needs proper professional diagnosis to determine the actual condition. It could be due to hypoplasia which occurs due to hormonal issues, aplasia where the uterus is the same as that of a newborn, or infantilism where the size of the uterus is not more than 55mm. Small uterus can also be due to other cervical abnormalities, which must be treated.1

Epithelium plays a major role to conceive successfully with a small uterus. Enhanced blood flow to it can improve its growth. Pregnancy massages and few physiotherapy measures help in improving the blood flow to the epithelium and its size. A massage helps stimulate the genitals and other reproductive organs causing them to increase in size.

If these techniques fail then women are recommended hormonal stimulation, which increases the chances of conception. The hormonal stimulation leads to an increase in the size of the uterus and the genitals in women who suffer from underdeveloped genital which also leads to the hormonal imbalance within the body.

Proper vitamin intake balances the nutrient level in the body and can make conception possible. Vitamin therapy is a kind of fluid preparation which when consumed daily and can be very useful. It improves the overall health of the female.

Regular sexual activity can also prove to be beneficial, and could gradually increase the size of the uterus.

Any kind of treatment for this condition needs proper time and patience. Pregnancy and small uterus may not be conducive of each other, but if your gynecologist feels everything can be fine, then probably you need not, worry. The use of the above mentioned various techniques would help you deliver a healthy baby.

Although in some cases where due to the size of the uterus the pregnancy cannot be carried ahead, surrogacy would be the only option as the uterus growth restriction would limit the child growth and weight.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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