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How Can You Increase The Chances Of Natural Childbirth?

Most of the women want a non-medicated, natural childbirth. Studies and evidence based maternity care does emphasize on natural childbirth.1 This article discusses about how you can increase the chances of natural childbirth.

How Can You Increase The Chances Of Natural Childbirth?

Expecting mothers commonly ask, how can you increase the chances of natural childbirth? If you are expecting a baby and want to increase the chances of natural or normal childbirth, here are few tips listed which can help you achieve that.

Prenatal Education

Prenatal education is knowledge about childbirth which helps increase the confidence in you. It enlightens you on how the labor and birth works. You get to know about natural labor management techniques like breathing, self-hypnosis, and relaxation. Many hospitals also offer evening or weekend course to enhance the knowledge of the childbearing women. This will give you a lot of information about increasing your chances of natural childbirth.

Choose a Doctor Who Is Into Natural Birth As You Are

Always go ahead with the healthcare provider who also promotes you for natural childbirth rather than cesarean section. Such a doctor will manage the entire birth in a way that is conducive to success.

Spend Early Labor Time At Home

As the labor starts do not rush to the hospital. Move around, get into the tub, eat, drink, and go for walk. If the interval between the contractions reduces to less than 5 minutes apart or a few hours, contact the doctor. If still after reaching hospital you are not much dilated, go back home. Being the hospital in early labor can increase the risk of intervention. However, it is necessary to follow your doctor’s advice and monitor to rule out any other problems.

Practice Perineal Massage

Massaging the perineum in the last weeks of pregnancy can reduce the chances of having an episiotomy. These massages prepare the perineum for the stretching it has to go through during the childbirth. Perineal massage can be done once or twice in a week. This is one of the important ways on how you can increase the chances of natural childbirth.

Check On Your Weight

Gaining excess weight during pregnancy increases the chances of complications and decreases the chances of normal delivery. A healthy weight pregnancy has fewer complications and requires fewer medical interventions. Practice yoga or have regular walks, as advised by your doctor, which can increase your chances of natural childbirth.

A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset keeps stress away. Oxytocin hormone is produced when you are distressed. Oxytocin is the main hormone that makes labor come over. If you are scared or stressed the oxytocin hormone will not work well. Try to stay relaxed and understand what is happening and help your labor to progress. A positive approach can help you sail through the labor well, thus it increases the chances of natural childbirth.

Relaxation and Breathing Techniques

Practicing breathing exercises, meditation, and other relaxation techniques really work well for a natural birth. These help in relaxing you and work out where you hold tension. Some relaxation helps you release the muscle tension and help you unwind mentally and physically. Deep relaxation helps you address anxieties and make you feel more positive for labor. During labor, these techniques help deal with the contractions. Thus they prepare you and increase your chances of natural childbirth.

Avoid Epidural

Epidural is a pain relieving technique during labor. It may lead to longer pushing time and would increase the risk of needing an assisted birth. If taking an epidural there are few helpful strategies which can be used in the pushing stage. Keep yourself updated on the strategies.

Avoid Unnecessary Tests And Interventions

If not suffering from any health issue opt for fewer tests, treatments, and intervention during pregnancy. Some tests are important for all expecting mothers but few may be entirely optional. Whenever advised any test, always ask the reason behind it, whether it will change or improve health, and the importance. If there is no special reason and if you can do without it, you can even give it a miss. But if your healthcare provider insists on something, then go for it.

During labor, a point comes when every woman feels like quitting. It happens mostly when you are nearing the end of labor. Focus on how it will feel holding your child in your arms and make it happen. Be positive and stay determined – it will surely increase your chances of natural childbirth.

However, it is not necessary, everyone achieve their dream of natural childbirth. Do not over push or drain yourself if it is not happening. Particularly, if there any health issues or problems during pregnancy, constant monitoring is needed. In such cases, you may need medical help for delivering the baby. Go ahead with it. Remember the main objective is delivering a healthy and happy baby.


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