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Burning Sensation in Underarms : Causes & Treatments

There can be many factors that may lead to the burning sensation in the underarms. Our skin is constantly exposed to allergens, disease-causing bacteria, and environmental pollutants. All these make skin infections very common.

Also, warm moist area encourages the growth of bacteria. This makes certain parts of the body more prone to a skin infection. If a person sweats profusely, the underarm region being warm and having sweaty skin folds may become a breeding ground for bacteria. A burning sensation in the underarm may be a sign of infection, or rash or can also be a serious medical condition.

Causes of Burning Sensation in the Underarm

The various causes of burning sensation in the underarm include the following:

Allergic Reaction to Deodorants

Sweat glands are categorized into two types eccrine glands and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands produce a clear aqueous solution that helps in cooling down the body. Apocrine glands start working once a person hits puberty.

Arms pits contain apocrine glands that secrete sebum. These glands sweat a lot in hot weather. The body starts emitting a bad odor when bacteria act on the secretion present in the armpit. Infection occurring due to bacterial infection may cause a burning sensation in the underarms.

People to combat body odor use deodorants and antiperspirants. It was observed in a study that 25% of people showed allergies being triggered by deodorant fragrances.(1Someone with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation due to an allergic reaction to the chemicals present in these products.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is the inflammation of the apocrine glands. People with more acne breakouts are more prone to this condition.

It occurs when sebum clogs the pores and the hair follicles. Hidradenitis is a severe form of acne that occurs when the secretions from the apocrine glands get trapped under the surface of the skin.(2) This may lead to the formation of fluid-filled cysts or lumps. This may cause pain, burning sensation, or redness in the underarm region.

Razor Bumps

There are various methods people use to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. Using razors to shave off them is one of the many ways. While it is the easiest way, people should be cautious while using it.

Using a rusted blade or running the razor too fast may cause ingrowth, rashes, or razor bumps. This may also cause pus-filled bumps which if left untreated may get infected. This may lead to a burning sensation in the underarms.

Other Hair Removal Techniques

Some people are allergic or sensitive to hair removal creams and even different types of wax.

Using such products may lead to rash thereby causing a burning sensation.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are small glands that contain immune cells that trap and can also destroy the disease-causing agents in the lymph fluids. These are the axillary lymph nodes.

Sometimes due to injury or infection, these lymph nodes may swell up. Swollen lymph nodes may occur due to lymphoma or cancer as well. Therefore, it is very important to identify the underlying condition at the earliest.

Swollen lymph nodes may lead to pain and a burning sensation in the underarms.

Treatment of Burning Sensation in the Underarms

Those with sensitive skin may sense an irritated or burning sensation every time applying the product, they are sensitive to. They must try switching brands and avoid brands using harsh chemicals. They can opt for deodorants with lesser chemicals.

For hair removal options, using proper techniques and products is important. Whether using a razor or a hair removal cream or even waxing, proper technique is a solution for the burning sensation.

If the skin is infected, continuous scratching should be avoided, as it may also lead to a burning sensation.

People living in hot and humid conditions should let their skin breathe by wearing breathable fabrics and loose clothing. If there is soreness present, refraining from activities that may cause sweating should be avoided.

Home remedies can be tried to soothe irritated skin. These include:

  • Applying aloe vera
  • Spraying rose water
  • Applying ice

If any lump is noted, as it can be a serious condition a doctor should be consulted.

Burning sensation in the underarm can be due to many conditions. Identifying the cause can be helpful in alleviating the symptoms. There are numerous home remedies that are safe as well as useful in soothing the burning sensation in the underarms.

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