Burning Sensation When Peeing or Painful Urination: Causes, Treatment, Home Remedies

About Burning Sensation When Peeing or Painful Urination

There are many people who suffer from painful urination or the feeling of pain, burning or discomfort while urinating. This is also known as Dysuria. If it burns when you pee, it might indicate the presence of Urinary tract infection or UTI. However, there can be several other causes of painful urination. You need to visit your doctor if you suffer from such a condition and get yourself diagnosed so as to get the appropriate treatments. In this article, we will talk about some of the causes, treatments and also home remedies for painful urination.

Burning Sensation When Peeing or Painful Urination

Causes of Burning Sensation When Peeing or Painful Urination

Urinary Tract Infections Or UTI:

Urinary tract infections or UTI is the most common cause for painful urination. It is caused by bacterial infections of the Urinary tract. Bacteria, often attaches to the inner lining of the urethra and if the UTI is not treated promptly, it can rapidly spread to the other urinary structures. Pain on urination, increased frequency of urination and changes in the color of urine are some of the symptoms of Urinary tract infection.


Burning sensation on peeing may also be a result of local injury or irritation because of catheter placement.

Anatomic Obstructions Or Malformations:

One more cause could be anatomic obstruction, because of an enlarged prostate or urethral stricture.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Sexually transmitted diseases, including Chlamydia, herpes and gonorrhea, are also some of the causes of burning sensation or pain on urination. These sexually transmitted infections are also caused by bacteria and may present alongside genital sores, vaginal discharge and the itchiness of the groin area.

Vaginal Yeast Infections:

Vaginal yeast infection is a common infection, occurring in women, is also known as Thrush. This may cause a burning sensation when urinating, and may also cause itchiness and redness around the vaginal area.

Bacterial Vaginosis:

If it burns when you pee, it might also be because of the bacterial vaginosis, which is a bacterial infection affecting primarily women. It is known for its fishy odor that it produces.

Vaginal Tears:

Vaginal tears may also cause painful urination or burning sensation when peeing. Vaginal tears usually occur during vigorous sex session. When urine comes in contact with these abrasions, it can cause a surge of pain and also burning sensation. It is also during childbirth that vaginal tears occur.

Hormonal Causes:

There are also hormonal causes that can result in burning sensation when peeing. Postmenopausal effects, like vaginal dryness could be one of the hormonal causes.


Urethra cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, vaginal cancer or penile cancer can also cause burning sensations while peeing or painful urination.

Neurological Conditions:

Any nerve conditions that cause difficulty with complete emptying of the bladder can also cause painful urination or burning sensation when peeing.

Atrophic Vaginitis:

Atrophic vaginitis is a post-menopausal symptoms, that is caused by changing levels of hormones. This condition, results in thinning of the vulva and vagina, which can result in some burning and irritation during urination, sex or just spontaneously.

Unnecessary Feminine Hygiene Products:

There are some feminine hygiene products that claim to make the vagina clean or smell fresh. They actually disrupt the natural pH balance in the vagina. The skin of the vagina is very sensitive and gets easily irritated if it comes into contact with certain chemicals. This may in turn result in burning upon urination or painful urination.

Other Causes:

Some of the other causes of, why it burns when you pee, include the following.

Pain because of external lesions on the genitalia.

Medical conditions like diabetes mellitus and other chronic conditions suppressing the immune system.

Diagnosis of Burning Sensation on Peeing :

Your doctor will first review your medical history and also ask about the symptoms you are experiencing while painful urination. The doctor will also do some physical examination that would include an abdominal examination and also an examination of the external genitalia and a gynecologic examination for women.

A urine sample would be taken from the affected person and a dipstick test of the urine would be done to know about the underlying cause of burning sensation or pain when urinating. This test can indicate if there is the presence of bacteria and blood (which happens in a Urinary tract infection). A urine culture would be done to see if bacteria grow and also to know the exact bacteria that might be causing the infection. After a diagnosis, treatments will be prescribed.

Treatments for Burning Sensation on Peeing or Painful Urination

Your doctor will choose the best medication for your condition. An antibiotic will be prescribed if you have an infection that is causing the painful urination. You should take the complete course of the medication, even if you feel better.

Pain medication might be given sometimes in the form of a general analgesic or a specific product, that would numb the pain in the urinary tract. It is important to follow the instructions for these products.

In case the cause of painful urination is not urinary tract infection and something else, your doctor may order some further tests and treatments accordingly.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Burning Sensation on Peeing or Painful Urination

It is always good to seek medical attention while dealing with urinary tract infections or any such conditions that might be causing painful urination or burning while urination. However, you can also try some of the home remedies that we have mentioned below. But, keep it noted that home remedies are not a replacement to the medical treatments of any condition.

Stay Hydrated:

You need to remain hydrated so as to get rid of the burning sensation on peeing or painful urination. By drinking enough of water, you can ensure that your kidneys are passing enough or urine so as to get rid of any foreign invaders that may be attached to the urinary tract. Burning sensation could be due to dehydration. So, drinking at least 2-3 glasses of water in very short intervals each day could really help.

Cranberry Juice:

Minor urinary tract infections and burning sensation while passing urine can be cured with citrus fruit juices. You can drink the cranberry juice that would help you kill the bacteria causing infections.

Coconut Water:

Coconut water can as well be a useful home remedy to get rid of burning sensation on peeing or painful urination. It contains many important electrolytes that are great for keeping your body fluids in proper balance.


Lemon is another home remedy that can help you ease painful urination. Lemon juice, although is acidic, it has an alkalizing effect on the body. Apart from this, the citric acid and string antibacterial and antiviral properties of lemon juice, help prevent this problem. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into a glass of lukewarm water and add 1 teaspoon of raw honey and mix well. Drink it on the empty stomach in the morning every day.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda may also be used to ease painful urination or burning sensation while urinating. This alkaline compound helps in reducing the acidity of your urine, which in turn helps in easing the burning sensation while urinating and even reduces the frequent urges to urinate. Apart from this, baking soda helps balance the pH levels of the body. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and stir it well until it dissolves completely. Drink it on your empty stomach. Repeat this regularly for about a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a home remedy for many ailments and can be effective for treating burning sensation on peeing or painful urination. This has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help combat the infection causing painful urination. Apart from this, apple cider vinegar is loaded with enzymes, potassium and other useful minerals and helps restore the natural pH balance of the body. Add 1 tablespoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of raw honey to a glass of warm water. Drink this twice in a day. You can also add 1-2 cups of apple cider vinegar to your bath water. Soak in this water for about 20 minutes. Do this once every day, until your condition improves.

Amla Juice:

Amla juice is another home remedy for treating urinary tract infections and can also ease the problem of burning sensation wile peeing or painful urination.


Blueberry is known to be loaded with antioxidant that help eliminate bacteria and heal infections. So you can take this every day to ease the symptoms of burning sensation and pain while urinating.

Plain Yogurt:

One more helpful home remedy is to take unsweetened yogurt with active cultures. The active cultures help keep bad bacteria at bay and enhance the growth of healthy bacteria.

It helps in fighting off any infection that can cause this condition and helps in maintaining a healthy vaginal pH balance. You need to eat 2-3 cups of plain yogurt every day. You can also try yogurt smoothies. Apart from this, you can also dip a tampon in yogurt and insert it in the vagina for 2 hours. Doing this twice regularly could help you have some relief.


Ginger has antibacterial and antiviral properties and thus can help combat the infection, which might be causing painful urination. Mix together, 1 tablespoon of ginger paste and 1 tablespoon of raw honey and take this paste once every day. Alternatively, you can add 1 tablespoon of ginger juice to a glass of lukewarm milk or water and drink once every day. One more option is to drink 1-2 cups of ginger tea daily.


Cucumbers can also help treat painful urination due to their diuretic nature. Cucumbers contain about 95% of water, so they can help keep your body well hydrated and free from harmful toxins moreover, their cooling property helps normalize the body temperature. Prepare 1 cup of cucumber juice and add 1 tablespoon each of raw honey and lemon juice, mix well and drink it two times in a day. You can also eat 2-3 cucumbers every day to ease the symptoms.

Coriander Seeds:

Coriander seeds are also wonderful home remedies that help ease the burning sensation or painful urination. The antibacterial properties of these seeds aids prevent the Urinary tract infections. Apart from this, coriander seeds also cleanse the excretory system of harmful toxins and helps in normal urination. Moreover, it helps in controlling excessive body heat that can worsen the condition.

Boil 2 teaspoons of coriander seeds in 1 cup of water for some time and allow it to cool, strain and drink it twice in a day. Alternatively, you can also add 1 tablespoon of coriander seed powder to 3 cups of water. Cover and allow it to stand overnight. The next day morning, add a little jiggery and stir the solution. Drink 1 cup of this solution, thrice a day.

Fenugreek Seeds:

As per Ayurveda, fenugreek seeds could work as a great home remedy for treating painful urination or burning sensation while urination. These seeds help improve the pH level in the vagina and thus prevent any kind of infection. Apart from this, they also prevent the toxin accumulation in the body.

Add half teaspoon of powdered fenugreek seeds in a glass of buttermilk and drink it twice regularly. Alternatively, you can also mix one teaspoon of the seeds powder with one tablespoon of raw honey and take it 2-3 times every day. Apart from this, you can also soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and in the next morning, strain the water and add half teaspoon of raw honey and drink it on the empty stomach.


Horseradish is another home remedy for treating painful urination. This act as a potent antibacterial and helps in killing the bacterial cells by damaging their cell walls. Consuming this vegetable 3 times in a day with some water or milk, will help keep your burning or painful urination to a minimum.

Warm Compress:

The pain when urinating or the burning sensation can be eased with the warm compress. The heat will help in minimizing the bladder pressure and reduce the pain.

Apply a warm compress on the lower abdomen for 5 minutes and wait for some time and then, apply again. You can also use a heating pain for getting relief from the pain,

Other Remedies and Tips To Treat Painful Urination:

Some of the other remedies and tips for treating painful urination, includes the following.

  • Use proper protection during sexual intercourse. Using condoms while intercourse, can help you reduce the risk of burning or painful urination, to some extent.
  • It is essential for you to not hold urine as it may help bacteria propagate. So, urinate when you must.
  • Try some simple relaxation techniques that keep you relaxed. This is because, tension and stress can aggravate the condition of painful urination.
  • Maintain proper genital hygiene. Wipe the front and back after having a bowel movement and keep the genitals clean.
  • Avoid staying in wet clothes or swimsuits for long.
  • Wear cotton underwear and avoid wearing tighter jeans or trousers.
  • Practice safe sex and wash before and after sexual intercourse. Apart from this, urinate immediately after intercourse so as to flush bacteria from the bladder and the urethra.
  • Avoid foods like, spicy foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners, as they can worsen the condition.
  • Do not use irritating soaps, douches or vaginal sprays.
  • Avoid excessive smoking or alcohol.
  • Consume foods that are loaded with vitamin C or take Vitamin C supplements, after consulting your doctor.


So, if you suffer from painful urination or if it burns when you pee, try out some of the home remedies we mentioned above. However, it is always essential for you to consult your doctor and get yourself diagnosed so as to know the underlying cause of the painful urination and get yourself treated accordingly.

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