Peeling Finger Nails: What Causes Your Nails to Peel and How to fix it

Peeling fingernails can be your worst nightmare! It can be attributed to a cosmetic problem linked to an unbalanced diet or nutritional deficiencies. These shortcomings affect the natural lustre, texture and shine of nails.

What Causes Your Nails to Peel?

If you have become a victim of peeling fingernails without being aware of a pre-existing medical condition, there are risk factors that are taking its toll on your nails. Most often than not, removing inciting stimulus could help with the problem.

Sometimes, peeling nails could be the result of a condition that people are prone to when they age. There will come a time when your nails will stop growing uniformly. For some, that time is now. However, there are other causes and effective remedies to ensure your nails remain healthy.

What Causes Your Nails to Peel?

Role of Moisture in Causing Your Nails to Peel:

Moisture can be attributed as one of the leading causes of peeling fingernails. When you constantly wet and dry your hands, and fingernails, the latter tends to dry out. An overabundance of moisture is also responsible for weak nails, causing them to soften and then ultimately start peeling.

Peeling Fingernails Caused Due to Trauma:

Trauma to your nails can cause them to peel and split. If you are a regular nail-biter, it could lead to ragged fingernails. These habits will have a lasting, damaging effect on your nails. If you are also in the habit of using your nail to pry and scrape, be assured of severe nail injuries. Your nails will split and break when you engage in such activities on a daily basis. These apart, heavy chores like yard work, heavy lifting and scrubbing can result in large layers of your nails to peel over a period of time. It is essential for both men and women to trim their nails regularly.

Peeling Nails Caused Due to Excessive Use of Nail Cosmetics:

If you are in routine of using household cleansers daily, your nails will probably take a beating. They are prone to drying up. Women, using coloured nail polish, glue-on nails and nail polish remover can cause their nails to dry up. If these items contain acetone, they pose an even greater danger to your nails. Always play safe when it comes to choosing fancy extensions for your nails. It may not be a pretty feature when your nails start peeling.

Peeling Fingernails Caused Due to Medical Conditions:

Hypothyroidism: Hypothyroidism is also responsible for splitting nails. This is a condition where the thyroid gland is underactive and is ineffective in producing the required hormones. The other symptoms associated with this deficiency include fatigue, weakness, joint pain and unintentional weight gain. Peeling fingernails, in cases like these, can have a medical cause. Consulting a doctor would be a good idea to know what is causing your nails to peel. Once you determine the cause of peeling fingernails, treating the problem will not be difficult.

Anemia: Brittle nails that peel off can also be caused by an iron deficiency. When your body has the requisite amount of iron, it helps produce hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying part of red blood cells. Anemia also results in cold hands and feet, headaches and lack of appetite. Likewise, if you are not getting enough B vitamins in your diet, you can expect your nails to become brittle and start peeling.

Infection: An infection could also contribute to peeling nails. Skin conditions like psoriasis or a bad yeast infection can cause nail peeling, especially if the infection transfers to the hands.

Peeling Nails Caused Due to Weather Change: A change in environment could have an effect on your nails. This is especially the case when the air dries due to cold weather. The change outside could affect your nails. Static air which is dry can absorb all the moisture from your skin and nails, causing your nails to peel more regularly.

How to Fix Peeling Fingernails or What is the Treatment to Stop the Nails from Peeling?

If you are a victim of peeling nails – there is hope for better days. There are quite a few natural, home remedies as well as prescription treatments which can be implemented daily to prevent nail damage. You can start by maintaining your nails. However, if that is not enough, here are some other remedies you can try:

If you want to protect your fingernails from moisture, start by wearing gloves when washing or doing other household chores. Try not to submerge your hands for too long in water. This could cause your nails to become brittle. A lotion which contains lanolin is the perfect remedy to cure brittle and dry nails.

If you want to stop your nails from peeling, trim them regularly. Also, remember to trim them close to your finger’s end. This will give them a fair chance to grow back stronger without the worry of peeling. Ladies, you will have to make the sacrifice of not keeping long, natural nails for some time. After all, healthy nails come at a cost.

Re-hydration is important if you want good-looking, healthy fingernails. An effective remedy for peeling nails is vitamin E and jojoba oil. Apply it daily for best results. Jojoba oil has small molecules which can penetrate the nail’s surface plate easily, infusing them with vitamin E molecules.

Moisturising your nails will ensure that they do not peel. Lactic acid or Alpha-hydroxy acid make for good moisturisers for fingernails. Apply any of the solution before going to bed. Wearing cotton gloves after treatment will aid the healing process as it contains the moisturiser.

If moisturisers and lotions are not easily accessible, you can fix the problem of peeling nails by following a nutritious diet. A balanced diet would do your entire body some good, including your fingernails. A protein-rich diet is necessary for strong, rigid nails. Omega-3 acids, with fish being the richest source of the protein, twice weekly will be a good start. You do not have to avoid junk food altogether. Moderation is key when you decide to eat ‘unhealthy’ food.

Your body might not be getting the necessary vitamins it requires. In such a case, take a multivitamin daily to ensure you get your daily fix. A multivitamin a day will help keep those peeling nails away. Vitamin B-7, or biotin, is also a good remedy to ensure brittle nails are strengthened.

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