Skin Care Tips: How Good Internal Health Can Give You An External Glow?

The external appearance of the skin reflects the internal health of a person. A healthy body is a wealthy possession that is the envy of every person. Your health is determined by what you eat.

The Secret of Good Skin Health

The Secret of Good Skin Health

The secret to good skin health is good and nutritious food. Good eating habits keep the internal organs and skin healthy. This inward beauty shows itself on your glowing skin. By keeping good eating habits and following a good diet, your outward beauty will get enhanced. This principle which was followed by our ancestors has to be practiced for inward good health and outward glowing beauty. Good health can be acquired in two ways to keep your body healthy and acquire good skin for an attractive look.

  1. Water Intake
  2. Food Intake

Reasons for Maintaining Good Internal Health

  • Good internal health keeps a person healthy and fit.
  • Outward appearance improves with good health and adds to the beauty of a person.
  • The skin gets a fine texture which gets enhanced with glow.
  • Good dietary habits strengthen the immune system.

Skin Care Tips: How Good Internal Health Can Give You An External Glow

  1. Water Intake To Take Care Of Internal Health & Skin

    The human body, which is composed of 70% water, gets dehydrated with lack of water. Toxins that are accumulated in the body are flushed out from the body by water. When water is taken in required quantity, all harmful toxins are released from the body and this improves your internal health, which in turns enhances your external beauty by giving you a radiant skin.

    How Lack of Water Intake Affects your Internal Health and Skin?

    • Decreased water intake dehydrates the body and snatches the glow from your skin.
    • Decreased water intake to indigestion and acidity.
    • When water is not consumed properly, it leads to constipation and gives rise to many problems including skin issues.
    • Dehydration impacts the outward appearance of a person and gives the skin a dull, dry and saggy appearance.
    • All drawbacks of dry skin, such as wrinkles and dull appearance are visible outwardly with reduced water intake.
    • Dehydration leads to fatigue and the body tires easily.

    Water Therapy for Good Internal Health & External Glow

    Water serves as a detoxifying agent, which rectifies the internal health, especially through detoxification. Improvement in the internal health leads to flawless and glowing skin. The content of water improves with additional detoxifying ingredients added to it. Taking a glass of water on an empty stomach removes all impurities from the body through the urinary tract and benefits your internal and external health.

    Some Effective Tips to Make Water Therapy More Interesting

    Cut a few slices from lemon and cucumber. Store it in the refrigerator for about a day. You can use it the next day by adding them to your glass of water. This will give your water a refreshing taste. You can add a few mint leaves to your glass of water as well to add flavour and it is good for health too. Alternatively, you can also replace lemon and cucumber with sweet lime or orange.

  2. Food Intake for Internal Health and External Glow

    Vegetable and Fruits

    Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. They are naturally available and contain many nutritious factors that are required for good health and hygiene. It improves internal health and adds to the beauty of a person by giving you a glowing skin.

    Ways of Consumption of Vegetables for Internal Health and External Glow

    Vegetables can be taken raw or cooked. Certain vegetables like carrot, tomatoes, and lettuce can be taken raw or as salads. Some vegetables such as ladies finger, beetroot, etc. have to be cooked. Vegetables are vital to improving the health of a person. Vegetable should always be added to your daily diet. They prevent constipation and are great for improving your internal health which will reflect your outward beauty. The benefits of vegetables reflect on the skin and the outward appearance of a person.

    • When you cut a few slices of cucumber, carrot, tomato, and onion; sprinkle it up with salt and pepper. Voila! it becomes a nutritious salad which tastes really delicious and provides a balanced nutrition for great health and beautiful skin.
    • Certain vegetables like bitter gourd help the body to secrete insulin that is good for the health. The bitter taste of bitter gourd helps to kill all micro-organisms in the body and improves your internal health and external glow.
    • Spinach contains a lot of fiber and vitamins while broccoli adds to the health of a person.
    • Avoid fried vegetables such as fried potatoes or chips.

    Different Fruits for Improving Internal Health and External Glow

    Fresh fruits contain all types of vitamins and proteins required for the body. They add to the immunity power of the body. Fruits are delicious to eat and can be taken raw. Fruits should be cleaned with water before eating it. Fruits are good at detoxification and act as good anti-oxidants too.

    • Yellow-colored fruits like papaya, banana, mango, and orange are good for the skin.
    • The anti-oxidants present in fruits like apple and strawberry are good for the health of a person. This keeps the skin free from acne and pimples.
    • Fruits like guava and banana keep away constipation which improves the appearance of your skin.
    • Fruits like watermelon and grapes improve the water content of the body which removes toxins from the body and gives healthy skin.
    • Fruits should be avoided immediately after a full stomach.

5 Effective Tips Regarding Meals to Improve Internal Health and External Glow

  1. Take Your Food At Regular Intervals: Do not skip the food. Even in the midst of heavy work, you should not skip food for lack of time. You need the energy to do your work. Do not skip the first meal of the day, which is your breakfast. It is the meal which provides the stamina to do your work, during the day. Even if you do not have sufficient time to cook, make a simple breakfast that takes very little time to prepare.
  2. Say No to ‘Crash Diet’: Do not go on a crash diet. It leaves you weak and worn out. Even if you see good results in your weight, you will see it reflect negatively on your health. You may easily damage your cardiovascular system, or accumulate gallbladder stones. Some may become diabetic. Crash diet leaves you dehydrated which will leave your skin dry and wrinkled, which reflects badly on your appearance.
  3. Avoid Over-Eating: Another extreme condition is over-eating. Over-eating will upset the functioning of the stomach as it gets overloaded. This will disrupt the digestion process and hinders your internal health and gives you listless skin.
  4. Eat Everything Within Limits: You can eat everything. But when it is taken within limits, it does not harm the body. But when taken above limits, it harms the body.
  5. Intake of Protein: Protein is the main ingredient that keeps up the strength of a person. Fish contains a lot of protein. Eggs and milk are also rich in protein. Plant-based food such as legumes and nuts are good to keep up your stamina. Lentils have a high concentration of protein content in them. Children should take protein-rich food for proper and well-balanced growth of the body, which will reflect on the external appearance also.

3 Foods to be Avoided To Take Care Of Internal Health And External Glow

There are certain types of food that should be avoided to improve the health of a person.

  1. Artificial Sugar: Sugar is made of chemicals and adds taste to the product, especially in sweets, coffee, and tea. But sugar should either be avoided or restricted. This will keep away diabetes and liver problems. You can substitute it with raw sugar, brown sugar or cornstarch. However, sugar usage should always be controlled to have healthy body, mind and glowing skin.
  2. White Food: White food such as white bread, white rice, white egg, and white salt should be consumed in restricted quantities. White bread contains more quantity of starch and gluten, which is not good for internal health and gives a lacklustre skin.
  3. Fats: Fat is required by the body to improve the health. Fats provide energy and keep a person strong. Fat from animals that feed on grass is good for health. But if the fat is taken from animals that are fed on processed food, it becomes harmful for the body and stores in the body as bad cholesterol. Good cholesterol improves the immunity and nervous system. Bad cholesterol raises the risk of heart attack. So make sure you cut down on bad fats and consume more of good fats to get a radiant skin and good health.


Natural Food is God-given and improves the health of a person. With proper intake of food and water, a person can recoup his/her beauty and blossom to be an attractive personality. A healthy mind and a healthy body are the chief ingredients of an attractive personality. By following the above mentioned tips, you will see a great difference in not only your overall health, but also in your external beauty, such as glowing skin, thick hair etc.

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