Benefits of Papaya on Skin Health and Weight Loss

Papaya is a sweet tasting pulpy fruit that contains Papain and is extremely good for health. It contains lot of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Papaya contains a rich amount of iron and phosphorus. There are a lot of health benefits of papaya; out of which the most known benefits are the benefits on skin health and weight loss. In this current article we will read about the benefits of papaya on skin health and weight loss.

Benefits of Papaya on Skin Health and Weight Loss

Benefits of Papaya on Skin Health

There is a much known quote; “healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.” We all love to keep our skin at a healthy condition and in doing this we try out a lot of skin care products too. How great it sounds when you hear that papaya is one unique fruit that can be highly beneficial in improving your skin health? Yes! There are a lot of skin health benefits of papaya. And this is because of the presence of enzyme papain in the fruit. Apart from papain, Papaya also contains a high amount of vitamin A, vitamin E, folate, magnesium, pantothenic acid, potassium etc. which are essential for good skin health.

Following are some of the skin health benefits of papaya.

  1. Skin Whitening:

    Papaya has a great skin lightening action, owing to its exfoliating action and direct skin lightening effect of enzyme papain.

  2. Exfoliating Dead Skin:

    Many high-end scrubs that are available in market, make use of papain as an exfoliating agent. Papain enzyme restores the even-toned look of your skin by accelerating the shedding of dead skin cells. As papaya contains papain in it; it can be a great fruit for exfoliating dead skin.

  3. Healing Cuts and Burns:

    Papaya has an excellent wound healing benefit. The papain enzyme found in papaya aids in healing of wounds, cuts and burns and also keeps the bacteria away. Apart from this, papaya also prevents the scar from getting bigger. You can simply put the flesh or pulp of papaya fruit on fresh cuts, wounds and even burns to promote a quick recovery.

  4. Moisturizing Dry Skin:

    Papaya fruit is also known for moisturizing dry skin. The pulp of ripe papaya is known to provide hydration and nutrition to the skin owing to its water, carbohydrate and fat content.

  5. Repairing Ageing Skin:

    It is known that papaya reverses the skin ageing owing to its skin repairing, hydrating and exfoliating action. There are few hypothesis that supports that papaya also has direct anti-aging actions. Papain enzyme reduces wrinkles by modulating the collagen and elastic fibres in the dermis.

Benefits of Papaya on Weight Loss:

Who doesn’t like a flat tummy, a fit and slim body? If you are one of those looking to reduce your weight then papaya is the fruit you need to add in your regular diet. Papaya can play an effective role in your efforts to lose weight.

Here is how Papaya can be beneficial in your weight loss efforts:

Papaya is a fruit known for its low fat, cholesterol free and low calorie nature. On this basis, papaya has been proven to be an ideal fruit to be added in a diet. Now, you might be wondering how the fruits helps in weight loss. Well! Papaya is rich in vitamins, iron, calcium, riboflavin and few other enzymes. It is full of nutritional values. This makes the main role of papaya to be a beneficial food for proper functioning of digestive system.

Now, the benefits of papaya for weight loss comes with the fact that it is a strong fruit that deals with many digestive issues including constipation, rotting waste etc. Proper excretion of wastes aids in keeping the body fit and fine. When a person’s digestive system and excretory system functions effectively then it becomes actually easy to shed the unwanted extra weight. So, this is how papaya aids in weight loss.

How to Take Papaya?

  • Always eat a ripe papaya. You just need to slice it to small pieces to eat. It is recommended to consume papaya along with some other foods as it the fruit works best when taken with fat.
  • You can prepare a papaya smoothie if you want to make a healthy, delicious and nutritious breakfast. Just mix the mashed papaya along with milk, yogurt or juice to prepare the smoothie. You can also add other fruits like banana for making it even healthier.
  • You can also prepare a fruit salad based on ripe papaya for having a healthier diet.


Now that we are known to some of the best benefits of papaya on skin health and weight loss; it is time to start adding this wonderful healthy fruit to your regular diet and enjoy the best of your skin health and body fitness.

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