Best CPAP Machines & CPAP Masks And Their Reviews For Buying Guide

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder affecting a lot of people all over the world. There are various treatment ways for this condition of sleep apnea; however, the use of the CPAP machines in treating the sleeping disorder has been one of the most common and effective mode of treatment for sleep apnea. There are many people who take help of the CPAP machines in order to get rid of the interrupted breathing pattern and the loud snoring noise during their sleep. Well! there are so many brands manufacturing these CPAP machines today. If you are one of the sufferers, you surely would like to know about the best machines for you. So, in this article we are presenting some of the best CPAP machines along with their reviews for your better and smart purchase.

A General Overview on CPAP Machines

A General Overview on CPAP Machines:

CPAP or the Continuous positive airway pressure machine aids a person suffering from obstructive sleep apnea or the OSA to breathe smoothly during sleep without breathing interruption. It actually improves the amount of air pressure in your throat which prevents your airway from getting collapsed while breathing in.

Usually CPAP machine comprises a pump, a mask that covers your nose and mouth, a mask that covers only your nose and prongs fitting your nose. This can be used at home while you sleep every night so as to prevent you from the interrupted breathing and reduce snoring.

Best CPAP Machines and Their Reviews:

In this current section, we will know about some of the best CPAP machines and also their reviews for your better understanding on the appropriate CPAP machines for you to make the purchase for treating nasal congestion at home.

  1. S9 Autoset from ResMed:

    Ratings: 5/5


    The S9 AutoSet CPAP machine from ResMed is more intuitive, sleeker and is designed with its unique algorithmic technology which helps you experience the best CPAP usage by providing the ideal air pressure exactly when you require it. This is actually a real smart machine which can not only know when to intensify or when to lower the pressure settings of the machine as per the variations in your breath and movements of your body, but also detect whether you have a nasal congestion or have a sinus infection. Among other incredible features of this CPAP machine from ResMed includes the Mask-fit system which provides you with the opportunity to adjust the machine as per the kind of mask you are making use of in your machine.

  2. AirSense 10 Autoset from ResMed:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    AirSense 10 Autoset CPAP made by ResMed is the newest auto-titrating CPAP machine gaining its supreme status among people suffering from sleep apnea. These machines are the first such devices for treating sleep apnea, which has internal cellular modems in them. This is the secret in the AirSense 10 Autoset from ResMed, which makes the machine simple and easy to track and share real-time data on each individual’s quality of sleep. This ultimately makes it more popular because of its overall effectiveness of their CPAP therapy. Apart from this, the internal modem present in the device allows the CPAP to be remotely adjusted so as to ensure the optimal therapy for each person using the CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea while sleeping at night. The best part of this CPAP machine comes with the fact that they make the data sharing task absolutely a simple and easier one. You can share the data with your healthcare provider at an ease in the real time and with simply a phone call, the machine can be remotely adjusted.

  3. S9 Elite CPAP from ResMed:

    Ratings: 5/5


    The S9 Elite CPAP machine with EPR and Heated humidifier made by ResMed is one of the best travel CPAP machine as it is simple to carry along with you anywhere because of its light weight and compact built-up. This machine has a wonderful sleep apnea detection feature in it which helps greatly in detecting the symptoms of sleep apnea like snoring and accordingly treating the condition quite wonderfully. S9 Elite CPAP from ResMed is surely a recommended CPAP machine for sleep apnea patients willing to treat their condition in non surgical manner.

  4. S9 Escape CPAP from ResMed:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    This is again one of the most beneficial CPAP machines for treating sleep apnea in a comfortable way. The Easy Breathing Technology used in this S9 Escape CPAP from ResMed makes is a wonderful machine that allows you to breath with a natural feeling when used during the sleep time at night. If you are looking for a CPAP machine that would provide you a natural breathing while its use, then this is obviously the most recommended one for you.

  5. IntelliPAP Standard Plus CPAP:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    The IntelliPAP standard plus CPAP machine is developed with some of the excellent features in it that makes it more of a liked machines amongst the people with sleep apnea and those undergoing the sleep apnea treatment via the CPAP therapy. These CPAP machines come up with a slip resistance pad which keeps the machine still on its place. Apart from this, there is a smart feature called the mask off alert” feature which is a feature in the CPAP machine for alerting you about the falling of your mask (If the mask fall off) while sleeping because of your excessive moving. So, if you are an active sleeper and move a lot while sleeping, then this is definitely a recommended CPAP machine for you.

  6. Respironics System One RemStar Pro C-flex+:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    The Respironics system one REMstar Pro C-Flex+ with SD card and Humidifier helps greatly in controlling the sleep apnea when used regularly while sleeping at night. There is a wonderful feature named “Dry box technology” which makes it one of the most liked CPAP machines today. This Dry box technology allows it to protect from water damage. It has a spill proof container that really works. If you are one of those users who move a lot while sleeping then this would be a great CPAP machine for you.

  7. SleepStyle H254 Auto CPAP:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    One more effective CPAP machine most popular in today’s time for treating sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, is the SleepStyle HC254 Auto. The Auto adjusting CPAP technology used in the machine aids you in having a comfortable sleep as this technology helps in changing the pressure during exhale and inhale when in use of this machine in sleep apnea. Another factor that makes the SleepStyle H254 Auto CPAP machine most exciting CPAP machines is that it is very quiet and provides you as sleep free from noises like the noises of airflow. This is definitely going to attract you if you are looking for a machine that could provide you the best noise free sleep in sleep apnea.

  8. Transcend Auto:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    There is one more ruling CPAP machines in the market named the Transcend Auto CPAP machine which can be one of your favorite machines in case you are undergoing the sleep apnea treatment using the CPAP therapy. The best thing about this machine is it works brilliantly with any CPAP mask. So, if you are looking for a CPAP machine which is interchangeable with all the CPAP masks then this is the best option for you

  9. RemStar Auto CPAP with A-Flex:

    Ratings: 4.5/5


    REMstar Auto CPAP machine with A-Flex is close to perfect CPAP machine which works greatly in patients with sleep apnea undergoing the treatment via CPAP. The most magical feature in this CPAP machine is the “Encore data management and recording” feature in it which helps in efficient recording of your sleep issues and this data recording feature makes it one of the best effective CPAP machine today. This REMStar Auto CPAP machine with A-Flex has a SD card in it, where the sleep data are stored and can be read when needed. This data recording feature allows your physician to track the changes in the symptoms of sleep apnea or any other sleeping disorder.

Best CPAP Masks and Their Reviews:

“The mask plays a crucial task!” Yes! The mask you use in CPAP machines for treating nasal congestion while sleeping at night, keeps a great importance. It is always essential for you to choose your mask smartly having proper check on them for best impact while using them at night during your sleep. So, here below are some of the best reviews on the CPAP machine masks which would help you in choosing the best model for your sound sleep.

  1. Nasal Pillow Style Masks:

    Since past some years there has been a growing popularity in the nasal pillow styles of interfaces in the CPAP machines. These are considered as the minimal contact interface which makes use of silicone or gel inserts sealing the nostril area and making use of either a single or 2 point headgear strap system. Such nasal pillow style masks are pretty comfortable as they have the least contact over the face while you are using the CPAP machine for treating sleep apnea during your sleep at night. Below are some of the most popular brands of nasal pillow style masks.

    • ResMed Nasal Pillow Style CPAP Mask: The series of Swift FX from ResMed has being ruling the nasal pillow style masks market over past few years. The today’s generation masks are the AirFit P10 and P10 for her pillow style nasal CPAP masks from ResMed, having a 2 point harness system, assures you that the masks remains in place, without the headgear slipping up. The colored cushion inserts in the masks are available in various sizes ranging from X-small to large with left and right labelled dual wall pillows.
    • Phillips Respironics Nasal Pillow Style CPAP Mask: Phillips Respironics nasal pillow style CPAP mask make use of the “Comfort gel Blue” style cushion insert in the mask getting a wonderful feel of comfortable cushion while using the mask in CPAP machines for treating nasal congestion.
    • Fisher Paykel Nasal Pillow Style CPAP Mask: The Pilairo Q from Fisher PayKer having two adjustable headgears is the advanced version of the original Pilairo nasal pillow style mask. This modified nasal pillow style mask boasts a one size fit all replaceable cushion that eliminates the necessity to be fitted unlike other nasal pillow style masks which offer a full set of insert sizes so as to allow the user to fit themselves as required.
    • Mr and Ms. Wizard 230 by Apex Medicals: The Apex made Mr. and Ms. Wizard 230 Nasal pillow style CPAP mask captures a pretty descent market because of its lightweight design and cheap price factor.
  2. Nasal Style CPAP Masks:

    Though the nasal pillow style CPAP masks are popular due to the comfort ability they provide. However there are also people that cannot tolerate the inserts of a pillow cushion and would look for masks that only cover the nose without the pillow style cushions. The Nasal style CPAP masks simply cover the nasal portion and carries 4 point headgear which helps it stay in place. The parts and the components of such nasal style CPAP masks can be replaced as requirements. Let us see below some of the best Nasal style CPAP masks.

    • ResMed Nasal CPAP mask: Two of the most wonderful and advanced models of nasal CPAP masks from ResMed family is known as the Nano and the Airfit N10. These two latest models of Nasal mask have awesome build that makes them so popular among the people requiring the nasal CPAP masks. The Nano model is pretty much similar to the Swift FX nasal pillow style masks in regards to the headgear. The AirFit N10 model offers magnetic headgear clips which helps in keeping the mask right on its place and also has got a short tube assembly that connects to any standard or heated tubing system. AirFit N10 has a minimal and lightweight headgear on it.
    • Philips Respironics Nasal CPAP Masks: The ComfortGel Blue Nasal CPAP Mask, the TrueBlue Nasal CPAP mask etc are some of the best sellers of the nasal CPAP masks developed from the Philips Respironics interface. The Wisp is the most popular nasal mask which offer a cloth or a silicone frame and also available in cushions from petite size to extra large sizes.
    • Fisher PayKel Nasal CPAP Mask: Fisher and PayKel line comes up with their excellent newest model of nasal CPAP masks known by the name Eson. The Eson is a standard triangular shaped nasal CPAP mask that provides a good seal in a lightweight frame. Other best nasal masks from F&P line include the Zest and the Zest Q. The Zest Q version represents the super Quiet versions of the nasal CPAP masks from the Zest series of F&P line.
  3. Full Face CPAP Masks:

    Full face CPAP masks are a great option for a wide range of people suffering from sleep apnea. Such masks cover the nose and the mouth while using them during sleep at night. A deviated septum in the patient with sleep apnea may require him to use a full face mask. However it must be strictly noted that their cushions requires a thorough cleaning so as to prevent the mask from leaks and irritations.

    Here below we will know about some of the best full face CPAP masks.

    • Full Face CPAP masks from ResMed: ResMed comes up with its latest models of full face CPAP mask named the F10 AirFit series full face mask (for him and her) and the Quattro Air. Their light weight, magnetic headgear clips etc make it easier to attach and detach from face in case needed to get up during the night.
    • Philips Respironics Full Face Masks: Philips Respironics brought an excellent full face CPAP mask named Amara, which included a silicone gel cushion option last year and that made it more popular among the people seeking full face CPAP masks for sleep apnea.
    • Fisher and PayKel Full Face CPAP Mask: The Simplus full face CPAP mask developed by the Fisher and PayKel have been popular along with the Forma full face mask which satisfied many people with sleep apnea using the full face masks in their CPAP machines.
  4. Best CPAP Mask for Women:

    Many of the classic manufacturers of CPAP masks have developed their exclusive masks which attracted the female user. The color, size and the cushions used in the masks make them differentiate between the two versions, i.e. the CPAP masks for Him and the masks for Her. The Swift FX for Her and the AirFit P10 for Her are the two popular nasal pillow style masks made for women. The GoLife for women is the mask developed by Philips Respironics that attracts the female users in a fair manner. Fisher and PayKel came up with the current offer for ladies named the Lady Zest nasal style CPAP mask. The Quattro FX, Quattro Air and F10 offer the “For Her” version of the Full face line of CPAP mask

CPAP Buying Guide- Few Things to Check While Purchasing a CPAP Machine:

  1. Decibel Levels: The decibel levels in the CPAP machines play a crucial role in making machine loud or quite ones. The machines with lower decibel levels usually make less noise and are considered as the super quite machines. It is important to check the decibel levels of the CPAP machines while purchasing them. One point to note here is, you may sometimes perceive that the new machines sounds louder compared to your older CPAP machines even with the similar decibel levels. This is because though the two machines may be equal as far as the volume level goes, however each model of the CPAP machines is build with a distinct sonic sound quality which may differ from any other model. By using the new CPAP machine for a week you may find it comfortable enough when you get adjusted to the sonic sound quality.
  2. The Mask Factor: It is highly important to look for the quality of the mask. There are a lot of advanced super quite machines today, yet you can listen to the noise while using. Most of the noises come from the air traveling through your nose, flowing in and out of the mask. So, there can be quite machines but noisy masks. It is essential for you to check the sound quality of the mask while you make your purchase.
  3. The Feature of Easy Breathing Technology: There is an advanced feature in the CPAP machines being popular there days which gives it a more natural feel while using and makes it simpler and easier to breathe out the air (exhale). This feature is called as the Easy Breathing Technology in the CPAP machine that senses when you are breathing out and accordingly drops down the air pressure slightly. This makes is easier to exhale as here you are not exhaling out the complete inhalation pressure every time. CPAP machines having this Easy Breathing Technology usually say C-Flex, A-Flex or EPR which are mentioned in the name on their packaging. You must look for such a machine with this Easy Breathing technology. However, it must also be informed that though such an enhancement in the CPAP machine help many people wonderfully, a few people may find this pressure relieving technology added in the machines quite annoying because the sound signature of such machines are quite different which may sometimes bother few people. It is recommended that in case such sound bothers you while using the machine, you have option to disable the Easy Breathing Technology feature.

Where to Place the CPAP Machine for its Best Effect?

You must be made aware that the location of the CPAP machine while in use decides how much sound you hear and also how effective it works for reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea. Confused about where to place the CPAP machine?

Well! It is highly essential for you to keep the machine in the right place. The best place to keep the CPAP machine is a spot below the bed level or the ear level, as it functions at its best when kept in such a place. However make sure you are not keeping the machine with complete coverings on it or anywhere at a place which is dusty or in a place which doesn’t get fresh air into. It is essential that heat must move out and fresh clean air must enter in to the machine.

Importance of Keeping the CPAP Machine Clean:

“To Keep it best, Take care to the best.” Here below are some points which can help you know why it is important for you to keep your CPAP machines clean, safe and at its supreme condition.

  • It is crucial enough to change and rinse the filters of the machine at the recommended intervals. Filters in the CPAP machines are very much important for they keep the air you breathe in clean, they keep dust and dirt out of the motor that helps greatly in preventing the dust and dirt entering the lungs.
  • The life of your CPAP unit increases if your filters are kept clean and it functions smoothly without making noise and ultimately helps in providing you with a fine and sound sleep


Now that we are aware of some of the best CPAP machines along with the best type of CPAP mask which can be used efficiently in treating the sleep apnea via CPAP therapy at an ease, go for a proper machine and comfortable CPAP mask and start with your CPAP treatment for your sleeping disturbances with less effort. After all it is about your sound sleep and sweet dreams!

“Make your sleep comfortable, have your dreams alive!”

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