What Is BiPAP Machine And Who Can Benefit From Using It?

One of the most popular therapies for treating breathing issues in people is BiPAP or BPAP therapy which makes use of a BiPAP machine or a type of breathing apparatus, delivering pressurized air through a facial or nasal mask to the patient’s airways. BiPAP machine is primarily used for treating the sleeping disorder known as sleep apnea; however, it can be used for various conditions where the patient suffer from breathing problems. In this current article of ours, we will study about the BiPAP machine in detail and talk about how exactly the machine benefits the people in proper breathing.

What is BiPAP Machine and Who Can Benefit From Using it?

An Overview on the BiPAP Machine:

BiPAP is also sometimes known as BPAP and stands for Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure. A BiPAP machine is used for treating sleep apnea and various diseases and conditions like asthma, pneumonia, lung disorders etc. BiPAP is similar to that of a CPAP machine or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, which has the similar function and similar design as that of a CPAP machine. Like the CPAP machine, BiPAP machine also allow the patient from sleep apnea to breathe easily and without interruption throughout the night. BiPAP is also known by the term, NIPPV or Non-Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation.

BiPAP machine delivers a preset inspiratory positive airway pressure or IPAP while inspiration and expiratory positive airway pressure or EPAP while expiration. Unlike the CPAP machine, the BiPAP machine created in the 1990s, make use of variable levels of air pressure in it instead of a continuous air pressure. This makes it more comfortable for the patients to use it while sleeping at night.

How Does The BiPAP Machine Work?

The BiPAP machine makes use of two settings, i.e. the IPAP or the Inspiratory Positive airway pressure and the EPAP or the expiratory positive airway pressure. Thus, the breathing apparatus or the BiPAP machine allows the air delivered via the mask to be set at one pressure while inhaling and another pressure for exhaling; which in turn makes it much easier and convenient for the user to adapt to the machine and scopes a person with neuromuscular disease to make use of the device at an ease. The dual air pressure settings used in the BiPAP machine also allow the user to get more air in and out of his or her lungs while the breathing process during his or her sleep at night.

Who Can Be Benefited From The BiPAP Machine?

Now let us take a look on who can be benefited from the BiPAP machine.

  1. People having congestive heart failure or those having lung disorders will be having greater benefits from BiPAP machine.
  2. There are also patients for whom the insertion of a tube via the mouth or ‘intubation” is not possible. Such people can be benefited from the BiPAP machine in getting appropriate breathing assistance.
  3. People who suffer from a condition, known as atelectasis resulting when all or part of a lung gets collapsed, which in turn result in the loss of the ability of air sacs at the furthest reaches of the lungs to expand.
  4. Other people with asthmapneumonia etc suffering from breathing issues will be benefited from this machine.
  5. It might benefit the people who complain on using the CPAP machine for facing difficulties in breathing out against the continuous air pressure.

How Can The BiPAP Machines Be Made Available To The Patients?

BiPAP machines are pretty much expensive to purchase. So, usually these machines are covered by medical insurances. However, one can also purchase the machine independently. There are also options to rent a BiPAP machine and can be rented from a respiratory care company. A medical professional or neurologist will guide you in letting you know if you feel the requirements of having a BiPAP machine at home.

Tests and Diagnosis to find out if a BiPAP Machine can benefit your Condition:

There are certain tests which your doctor can perform on you so as to find out whether you would be benefited from a BiPAP machine or not. Below are some of the tests mentioned:

  • Respiratory Test: This is a test used to measure the capacity of your lung and it involves breathing into a machine.
  • Forced Vital Capacity Test: The FVC or the forced vital capacity test is one more crucial test which might be performed by the doctor to know how deeply you can breathe. By measuring this capacity, he/she will inform you if you can be benefited from a BiPAP machine.
  • The “Sleep Study” Diagnosis: Sleep apnea is usually diagnosed by a diagnosis procedure known as “Sleep study.” During this study, the patient’s breathing is monitored. This diagnosis is done while the patient is sleeping.

It is always important to consult with an expert medical doctor or a neurologist before making use of a BiPAP for treating any of the breathing issues.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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