How Effective Are Nasal Strips For Snoring?

Snoring is a significant problem, not only for the affected person, but also for the bed-partner. Snoring could be mainly due to the stuffy nose, though there could also be some other causes of snoring. It must be mentioned that snoring could deteriorate the quality of sleep in the patient. Nasal dilation can reduce snoring and also help improve sleep. Nasal strips can be used for getting rid of snoring. Let us read below and know about how effective are nasal strips for snoring.

How Effective Are Nasal Strips For Snoring?

How Effective Are Nasal Strips For Snoring?

Snoring is a noise that is caused by vibrations in the airways because of obstruction. These obstructions could be due to an anatomical anomaly like when the uvula is enlarged or there is tongue enlargement as a result of narrowing of the nasal passages caused by common cold or seasonal allergies. Snoring may also be a result of certain activities like smoking or alcohol consumption.

Generally, there are two different types of snorers; those who breathe through their mouth, and those who breathe through their nose. It is, thus important that treating snoring should directly address the cause of the snoring. Frontline treatment for habitual snorers is nasal strips which make the nasal passages wide enough for air to pass smoothly and prevent snoring.

Breathe Right brand of nasal strips are beneficial for snoring caused due to congestion of the nose as a result of cold, allergies, or nasal obstruction as seen in cases of deviated septum. You may give a try on these nasal strips, as they are easy and simple to use, noninvasive and are relatively inexpensive.

These nasal strips are also known as external nasal dilator. They are similar to Band-Aids and have adhesive tape and hard plastic splints. Once you put it on the bridge of the nose and works by pulling the nostrils open up a bit, so that they do not collapse while inhalation, and thus increasing airflow. This also prevents the vibration that causes the snoring.

Though the nasal strips may be effective for snoring caused by nasal congestion or obstruction, there is no proof to suggest that they are beneficial for the snoring caused by obstructive sleep apnea in which the soft tissues located at the back of the mouth are involved. It must be noted that nasal strips are not a permanent fix for snoring.


It must be mentioned that though, nasal strips could be effective for snoring in some people, especially when there is mild to moderate snoring and when the snoring is not a symptom of sleep apnea and is caused due to nasal congestion or nasal obstruction, one must consult a doctor about other treatments for snoring, who might help you treat the condition better by finding out the exact cause of snoring.

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