Is Mouth Breathing Bad & What Are The Natural Ways To Stop Mouth Breathing?

Mouth breathing, while sleeping, is a very common habit in many people. Breathing through the mouth results in not enough oxygen reaching the lungs which results in snoring. This article discusses whether mouth breathing is bad and about the natural ways to stop mouth breathing.

Is Mouth Breathing Bad?

Although mouth breathing is very common, the fact is that mouth breathing is absolutely bad for health. You may think that the way you breathe while sleeping may not play a big role in your life but in reality, mouth breathing does play a part in the overall health of a person. Breathing through the mouth results in not enough oxygen reaching the lungs, which results in snoring. It may also lead to a medical condition called sleep apnea, in which people tend to have problems in breathing while asleep.

Mouth breathing also does not give you a good night’s rest and you may feel drowsy and sleepy throughout the day at work. So, if you are wondering whether mouth breathing is bad or not, now you know the answer that yes, mouth breathing is bad.

Thus, if you know that you are in the habit of mouth breathing, it is essential for you to find out ways to stop it, so that you do not have to deal with health issues later on. It is therefore essential to focus on the causes of mouth breathing and find ways to deal with it.

What Are The Natural Ways To Stop Mouth Breathing?

The main cause of mouth breathing can be a nasal obstruction or inflamed adenoids which do not allow free flow of air through the nose resulting in breathing from mouth. Mouth breathing can also be a habit which people develop during childhood and continues as they get older. Nevertheless, now that it is clear that While medical advice is needed for any underlying medical condition, knowing about the natural ways to stop mouth breathing can help to a great extent.

Some of the most effective natural ways to stop mouth breathing include

Practicing Nasal Breathing

This is perhaps one of the best natural ways to stop mouth breathing. While awake, throughout the day you can consciously practice breathing through the nose. This will not only help you avoid mouth breathing, but will also allow the body to get used to a different and correct style of breathing.

There are certain breathing exercises that can be performed to help with nasal breathing. Yoga is also an excellent way to practice nasal breathing. The best way to do this exercise is by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. It also is very helpful in reducing stress and any anxiety that you may have. Practicing this over time will gradually help you to stop mouth breathing.

Check Your Sleeping Position

Some people may notice a change in breathing pattern based on the sleeping position. Correct sleeping posture can encourage nasal breathing and stop mouth breathing. For many sleeping in supine position can obstruct the airways while sleeping in lateral position opens up the airways. Lying down in lateral position helps in smooth and natural breathing in most people but if the nose gets blocked on one side, you may want to turn to other side or even try the supine position. Your sleep position should allow proper nasal drainage so that the nose does not become obstructed, which can then hamper unobstructed flow of air while breathing. Hence, checking and adjusting your sleeping posture is also one of the natural ways to stop mouth breathing.

Nasal Congestion Treatment

Nasal congestion means there is blockage of the nose, which prevents free flow of air through the nose, which results in mouth breathing. Thus, it is recommended to treat any signs of nasal congestion like a cold or a sinus problem so that free flow of air through the nose is established at the earliest and thus stop mouth breathing. Having steam inhalation, using nasal decongestants or keeping the room warm are some of the natural ways to stop mouth breathing.

Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is the key to a good overall health.This also applies to eliminating mouth breathing. Eating a balanced diet can protect your from allergies and sinus problems. It will prevent you from becoming overweight, which is yet another cause for mouth breathing since the increased weight causes increased pressure on the nasal cavities and lungs. If you have an ideal weight then you can overcome such problems and stop mouth breathing. So have a balanced diet and maintain ideal weight too are the effective natural ways to stop mouth breathing.

Elevating Head While Sleeping

Elevating the head by using a pillow prevents snoring in many. Elevating the head not only helps prevent mouth breathing, but also deals with other problems like acid reflux or other acids produced by the stomach from regurgitating into the throat. It also creates an unobstructed nasal passage for the air to flow freely and stop mouth breathing. So, while adjusting sleeping position, try elevating your head as an important natural ways to stop mouth breathing.


Exercising daily is good for your overall health, while specific exercises of the facial muscles and throat can help in proper breathing. Aerobics can help in reducing weight while also improving your overall breathing and lung capacity. With regular aerobic exercises you learn to breathe in and out to meet the increasing oxygen demand. Yoga is also an ideal form of exercise for good breathing coordination and movement. So practicing with aerobics, facial exercises, yoga and breathing techniques are some of the natural ways to stop mouth breathing.