Sleep Problems: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Sleep problems are very common and can affect many people in different ways. Inadequate sleep can cause many health problems and affect your performance as well. Hence, it is necessary to know about sleep problems and get them evaluated at once. Know the types, causes, symptoms and treatment of sleep problems.

Sleep Problems

Sleep Problems

When changes in sleep patterns occur, it leads a negative impact on the body. Sleep disorder is also known as somnipathy and disturbs the patterns of sleep. When reasons are minor, sleep disorders do not cause much problem, but if you ignore it for a long time, your immunity can get affected and many other complications also prop up. Good sleep is the foundation to promising health and sharp brain and when you have deprived yourself of sleep, your overall quality of life also gets deteriorated. Know about sleep problems and various aspects related to it, so as to plan proper treatment.

Types of Sleep Problems

Types of sleep problems can be varied based upon the symptoms you have. Let us check the common types of sleep disorders.

  • Restless leg syndrome causes you to move your legs during night and this happens when you are staying for long in your bed. Even when you are resting in your bed, you will feel very uncomfortable lying in a particular position. This is a common type of sleep problem and may be related to the nerves.
  • Insomnia indicates general trouble while sleeping and this may happen owing to various causes like jet lag, medications, overeating, caffeinated drinks or evens stress.
  • Another type of sleep problem is narcolepsy, which makes you sleep uncontrollably even during daytime. When there is a dysfunction in a part of the brain, it becomes tough to keep yourself awake.
  • Sleep apnea indicates a type of sleep problem, in which breathing stops for a time being when you are asleep. Person suffering from this disorder will always feel irritated and lethargic during the day. This disorder is very dangerous and life threatening, so seeing a doctor at earnest is recommended.

Causes of Sleep Problems

When you are unable to sleep properly, your ability to work for long reduces and your routine gets disturbed which sets you in a vicious cycle of ill health and sleep deprivation. Understanding the causes of sleep problems is a must so that you can avoid such situation which leads to sleep problems.

Some of the common causes of sleep problems are as follows:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Medications
  • Jet lag
  • Dysfunction of the brain mechanism
  • Depression
  • Caffeinated drink
  • Breathing temporarily stops during sleep or sleep apnea
  • Nocturia or frequent urination during night
  • Chronic pain related with arthritis and inflammatory bowel syndrome
  • Teeth grinding

Out of all the above causes, stress and anxiety are the commonest causes of sleep problems. When brain gets affected by these issues, there is a direct linkage to the sleep which gets does not let the person sleep normally or even if they do, the sleep is intermittent.

You will experience such issues when one of the above causes is quite prominent. There are major treatments available which help you get recovered easily.

Symptoms of Sleep Problems

The complaints and symptoms often vary depending upon the type of sleep disorder. Some of the symptoms of sleep problems include the following.

  • In case of insomnia, you may suffer from an unrefreshing sleep which leads to lack of energy throughout the day making you lethargic and causes difficulty in focusing on your work. Mood disturbance also leads to aggression and affects the brain making it more forgetful. The person suffering from this disorder may suffer from depression as well. These symptoms of sleep problems often affect the physical and emotional health of the person.
  • In sleep apnea, the symptoms of sleep problems are mainly related to inefficient breathing. The patient is never able to sleep deeply and requires more efforts by respiratory tract to continue breathing. This process automatically puts a strain on the heart which leads to cardiac problems that may cause heart attacks and many other ailments related to heart.
  • In case of restless leg syndrome, there is a constant need to move legs which leads to a disturbed sleep. The urge to have leg movement often involves creeping, aching, throbbing and burning sensation or pain in legs. These symptoms of sleep problems can also be related to nerve problems or painful condition in the body.
  • In case of narcolepsy which is a neurological disorder, many severe symptoms of sleep problems are experienced which include sleep paralysis and cataplexy.
  • Sometimes the symptoms of sleep problems are related to pain and discomfort, for e.g. chronic pain, backache, joint pain or stomach discomfort, etc.

Treatments of Sleep Problems

Diagnosis of sleep problems can be done with the help of polysomnography, electroencephalogram and genetic blood testing. After the exact cause is found out, treatment of sleep problems can be planned. These include:

  • A dental guard which shields your teeth from damage during teeth grinding
  • Cold medication
  • In case of sleep apnea, breathing device or surgery is recommended
  • Medications is you are suffering from some other health issue
  • Melatonin supplements
  • Sleeping pills.

In addition to specific approach, the treatment of sleep problems may also include making some lifestyle changes which include taking good food which has ample nutrition. You may take up an effective exercise routine, which releases hormones that keep you stress free. Being physically active during the day can also make your feel tired and get adequate sleep at night. It is important to have timely healthy meals, refrain from sleeping during the day to ensure a good night’s sleep. These simple changes can help to manage sleep problems.

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