Why do You Need 8 Hours of Good Sleep Every Night?

With most of you are now compromising your sleeping hours there are several problems that you can face in future. If you think if why people really need 8 hours of good sleep every night, you should know about the problems caused by deficiency of sleep. Lack of adequate sleep has led to problems such as anxiety, lack of concentration, severe heart problem, weight gain and lethargy. It is high time that people realize the importance of sleep and practice a healthy lifestyle with good sleep routine.

Reduced hours of sleep can damage your health and you are sure to experience health problems in the long run. You may not realize this soon, as in most cases, ill effects of not having good sleep every night can be seen after a long time.

Your sleep requirement varies according to your age and the amount of work you do during the day. While kids and young children may need more hours of sleep, an average adult needs 8 hours of good sleep every night. If you do not get eight hours of sound sleep in the night, several physical as well as emotional problems can begin affecting your health.

Why do You Need 8 Hours of Good Sleep Every Night?

Why do You Need 8 Hours of Good Sleep Every Night?

Here are some reasons to have eight hours of good sleep every night;

  • Fatigue – One of the most visible effects of having very less sleep is that you tend to feel fatigued without actually doing any sort of work. You seem to be lethargic since morning and are very slow to respond to anything. Another common thing is that you find things very boring and may be disinterested in any kind of work. You do not seem to find any kind of motivation that can drive you in your work or other assignments. People really need 8 hours of good sleep every night to wake up fresh to be active and energetic during the day.
  • Emotional Disturbances – Another very common effect of lack of adequate sleep is that you tend to have mood swings and irritations. You seem to get annoyed at very small things when you do not have enough sleep which is required by your body. It may also affect your concentration, memory and overall performance. You may not have the capability to focus, remember things or you may feel distracted and easily irritated at times because you have not slept enough. Eight hours of good sleep every night is needed to perform well and stay away from emotional disturbances.
  • Weight Gain – Not getting enough sleep can increase fat build up in your body and can also lead to weight gain. Many people tend to put up some weight because of improper sleep hours and schedule. Staying awake at night may also attract eating unhealthy food at odd hours, which too contributes to weight management problems. People need 8 hours of good sleep every night to remain healthy and maintain ideal weight.
  • Reduced Immunity – Another impact of improper sleep is that it can cause lowered resistance and make you more susceptible to illnesses. When you do not sleep properly enough, you may regularly face cold and cough, with increased risk of allergies and infections. Especially when you are actually ill and even then you are not sleeping for adequate hours every night, the problems can increase even more and your body tends to become quite weak and fragile. People really need 8 hours of good sleep every night to maintain immunity, fight illnesses and build up the strength to live a healthy life.
  • Increased Stress – Another problem that most of you get to face because of not sleeping properly is that you do not have the same capability to deal with stress. Daily life stress seems to get over you and you have different types of problems. One of the most common effects are seen as depression and anxiety, which are very common in people not having proper sleep. It has become evident in almost every second person because most of you are not sleeping for enough hours that you need to.
  • Health Problems – The main effect of inadequate sleep is that it can affect your physical health in the long run. Improper sleep schedule and lack of proper sleep every night can lead to health problems like muscle aches, body pain, headache and gastric disturbances. Lack of adequate sleep can also contribute to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart problems. Having adequate rest and sleeping hours is as important as having a proper diet and lack of it is as harmful as not having food.

While it is important to have 8 hours of good sleep every night, it is also necessary to improve the quality of sleep. If a person is in pain or is feeling hungry, the sleep will remain disturbed. So, managing conditions that affect your sleep and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to improve your sleep. Now that you are aware of why do people really need 8 hours of good sleep every night, take necessary steps towards getting god quality sleep every night.

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