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What Are The Best Walking Shoes For Shin Splints?

Shin splints1 refer to a pain which covers the lower portion of the legs. Shin splints are caused2 when the muscles are overused, like extreme running, walking, dancing etc. This painful condition is also known as Tibial Stress Syndrome.3 This happens when a person suddenly begins exercising like; running, walking, dancing and feels extremely tired. It can also happen when the body is already used to exercising, but the intensity of the exercise increased or the mileage of running is increased or when the runner try to fit in new pair of shoes.

What Are The Best Walking Shoes For Shin Splints?

The shin splint pain restrains you from walking, but it can be handled with some changes in the lifestyle and by using proper pair of walking shoes which meant especially for shin splints.

New Balance MW411V2

These are the first up pair of New Balance shoes. If you have used the shoes of this brand earlier then you must know what is expected from these walking shoes.

The walking shoes contain and inside sole which is thick and fluffy but does not compress with your weight. They are light and comfortable and the person wearing it will not even feel that something is on their feet. If you have wide feet and narrow heels, then these pair of walking shoes would be ideal for you. It also has a tall inside step which keeps your foot and ankle stable even if you are walking long distance. If you are constantly moving all the day long, then also these shoes work quite well. It also has tiny holes which allow them to breathe and does not makes your feet sweat.

Brooks Addiction Walker

These shoes have been specially designed for controlling the shin splints by keeping your feet in balanced position. These shoes provide complete range of flexibility and mobility while you step your heels and lift your toes. If you are highly mobile all the day long, then also these walking shoes work perfectly for your feet. If you have flat feet, these shoes are ideal for you. These shoes help in reducing the shin stress if you combine them with a set orthotics. If you find these shoes comfortable for you, try to buy a size bigger than your normal size because these shoes tend to run a bit smaller than the usual. They are worth much more than their price.

Skechers Go Walk 3

Shoes from the Skechers Company are quite popular, so there is nothing surprising in it that they are offering one of the best Shin splints walking shoes. These walking shoes contain double layered sole made out of Resalyte foam. This kind of foam supports the feet without getting flat. The Goga mat technology which is patent of Skechers is also used in these shin splints walking shoes. They are similar to high end yoga mats, so they are like Yoga for relaxation of your feet. The cost is much reasonable than you might have thought. So you are getting a lightweight, ultra comfortable and easy to go shoes for your feet at a very reasonable price earlier when you wear them you will get a sponge like feel but later it will vanish once you become habitual to it. You get an arch support and stress will be reduced on your shins and feet.


Just like you choose a normal pair of shoes for your daily routine, you can choose a pair of walking shoes for shin splints which you might feel comfortable in. Every pair of walking shoes may have some pros and cons but you should select the ones which you find the most comfortable. There are some shoes which might look ugly and may not suit your style at all, but here we are looking out for something comfortable and not just fashionable. You will have compromise with the looks or the style of these shoes. It is recommended that you don’t go for style but look out for a pair of shoes which are more comfortable for your feet.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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