Are Gummy Bear Implants Better Than Silicone?

Are Gummy Bear Implants Better Than Silicone?

Silicone and gummy bear implants are both made of silicone. The differences lie in the shape and the cohesiveness of both the implants. Gummy bear implants are basically pre-shaped to imitate natural breasts which are highly cohesive in nature and holds its shape. Because of the property of being firm, it is called “gummy bear” implant.

Regular silicone implants are round and less cohesive in nature which feels softer and has more fluid which allows the implants to change shape with movement and gravity. Both the implants have their own set of pros and cons and can be used according to the requirements of the patient.

Are Gummy Bear Implants Better Than Silicone?

What are the Pros and Cons of Gummy Bear Implants?

Every form of implant has its own set of the pros and cons. The advantages of gummy bear implants include-

Cohesiveness: Cohesive and firmer than other implants. This means they are less likely to show rippling even if the skin is thin.

No Leakage: The silicone so present in the implants does not leak out when ruptured. This is an advantage over the regular silicone implants because the latter tend to leak.

Contour: When it comes to the disadvantage, the main point is that gummy bear implants are contoured. Thus, even if they rotate a small amount, the patient may have asymmetry and this will require a redo.

Do Gummy Bear Implants Rupture?

In case of a gummy bear implant, a damaged implant does not cause the gel to leak into the body. Although it may damage or fail, the gummy bear implant is not seen to rupture at all. The damage that occurs does not have any symptom of the same and the implant continue to look and feel as it used to before. This is called silent rupture. The only way to detect such damage is by undergoing an MRI scan. This is why the patient is recommended to go for an MRI scan at regular intervals after intervals to detect the presence of issues if any.

How to Take Care After Surgery In Case Of Using Breast Implants?

Proper after care is required once the surgery is done. The following points should be remember after the breast surgery is done-

Monitoring: The recovery after the breast surgery is monitored. The implants done will be wrapped in gauze or surgical bra.

Pain: Following the operation, the patient may expect some pain, swelling and tenderness. Such effects may last for a month or so, but should heal with time.

Scars: It is normal to have scars after the breast surgery like any other surgery. For most women scars fade away over time into thin lines.

Medicines: Medication may be prescribed for pain and nausea. In case of bleeding or redness of breast and other symptoms it should be immediately reported immediately to the doctor.

Use Bandage: The patient may need a postoperative bra or compression bandage for extra support during the healing process.

Careful Activity: The patient may be able to return to work within two weeks or so. Nevertheless, any form of strenuous activities should be avoided for at least two weeks.

Regular Visits: The scheduled follow-up visits for checkup should not be missed. Proper recommended precautions should be taken. This will ensure speedy recovery from the surgery.

Occasional Tests: Proper recommended tests like MRI or mammograms should be done without fail. The tests, so done are aimed at monitoring the progress of the healing procedure. In case of implant rupture or any other form of defect, the tests will help in the confirmation.

It should be remembered that follow-up for regular checkup is as important as the surgery itself for leading a normal life after the surgery.