How Much Does It Cost To Correct Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry surgery intends to correct difference present in the size and shape or position of one’s breast or nipple and it is usually less than the size of a bra cup. This takes place because of pregnancy, genetics, or menopause. Weight gain may even affect the shape and size of breasts. However, in some of the cases, there are women noticing their one breast as relatively big in shape or size from the other one. In such cases, the breast asymmetry procedure may help the patients, who tend to be confident when the breasts remain of different sizes.

Techniques Involved in the Surgery

Breast asymmetry surgical procedure may include the following necessary techniques-

Breast Uplift: Breast uplift, in which doctors firm and lift drooping breasts.

Breast Reduction: Breast reduction, which helps in reducing the size of a specific breast.

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation to boost the size of the patients’ breasts.

The surgery has proved to be successful in more than 90 percent of cases and helped a lot to give natural look.

How Much Does It Cost To Correct Breast Asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry surgery cost depends primarily on the hours, for which the procedure goes on and the combination of techniques used by a particular surgeon. For instance-

Implantation: If any surgeon uses breast augmentation involving implantation, the process may involve relatively higher cost than any other technique available.

Combination: In addition, in some of the cases, patients opt to use a combination of aforementioned techniques, which include breast augmentation, breast uplift or breast reduction. Hence, the cost involved in the surgery may even vary based on this mentioned fact.

Single or Both: Moreover, the cost involved in the surgery may depend on what exactly the patients will choose to undergo i.e. either single breast or both breasts.

Partial Breast Asymmetry: However, when a patient seeks to find the procedure for correcting only one breast, surgeons may reduce the actual cost involved in the surgical procedure. However, there exists no guarantee whether any surgeon will give any discount on the exact price associated with partial breast asymmetry procedure.

Standard Cost of Breast Asymmetry

In general, patients have to make a payment of minimum $2,500, while in other cases; the cost may range between $3,500 and $4,500. Some of the providers opt to display their respective prices, while others mandate their patients to contact to get individual quotes.

Research is Essential to Get Exact Solution

Similar to any other surgical procedure, you should make sure to do a detailed research work, so that you get right information about the involved cost. However, you should not give priority to the involved cost blindly for breast asymmetry surgery; instead, you should put your efforts to find out a good and reputable cosmetic surgeon, so that you may get optimum solution and assure of not facing any problem in future.

Check Multiple Cost/Financing Options

Along with everything mentioned in this article, you should stay aware of the fact that national average fee implies only the fee you pay to your surgeon only. It excludes every other charge associated with anesthesia, surgical facility and anesthesiologist. Moreover, the cost should include any medical diagnosis, the prescriptions of drugs or miscellaneous costs. In this case, you should check multiple financial options available for breast asymmetry surgery provided by surgeons.

How the Breast Asymmetry Surgery is Beneficial?

Women suffered from asymmetrical breasts may get benefit from breast asymmetry procedure. This breast asymmetry surgery helps in improving balance in both the shape and size of one’s breast and at the same time, to find clothes fitting perfectly across the chest in an easy way. In addition, the surgery gives an improved sense of comfort particularly, in wide range of body conscious types of clothes.

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