Types of Toe Separators

Toe separators are used to reduce friction and irritation between the toes. There are several conditions, like bunions, plantar fasciitis, and many others that can force you to use the toe separators. These toe separators come in a variety of materials and styles, and they usually come in sizes like extra large, large, medium, or small, so as to accommodate various foot sizes. These toe separators can be categorized into several types. Read below to know about the types of toe separators. Buy Toe Separators

Types of Toe Separators

Types Of Toe Separators:

There are several types of toe separators. Some of them are meant to be used with shoes and others without shoes. While using toe separators, if you are wearing shoes, you must wear shoes that are loose fitting. Below we will take a look on some types of toe separators.

Foam Toe Separators:

Foam toe separators gently divide crooked and overlapping toes, and help in relieving the pain of blisters, corns and cramping. These types of toe separators are normally not washable.

Visco- gel Toe Separators:

Visco-gel toe separators are the types of toe separators that divide and cushion the problem areas, while delivering mineral oil to the rough patches and dry skin. These are washable and reusable.


Some toe separators are called splints that are specifically made to use at night and are not to be used with shoes. Splints are meant to train the toes into a correct position and provide enough relief overnight.

Visco Gel Toe Spacers:

Soft gel spacers are also one type of toe separators that straighten and align problematic toes, while conditioning with mineral oil. These types of separators offer slightly better support than other types of toe separators.

Visco Gel Hammertoe Cushions:

These are soft gel cushions that are used to support bent-under toes and relieves pressure on the tips and other problem areas of the feet,.

Yoga Toe Gems:

Yoga toe gems are the soft gel inserts that are worn without shoes, so as to alleviate toe pain mainly associated with misalignment of the toe.

Some Other Types Of Toe Separators:

One of the best cheaper alternative could be adhesive moleskin and bandages that are to be used to keep the toes apart. You can simply cut the correct size strip and stick it between the toes. Though this cheaper alternative does not correct severely overlapping toes like other effective products, but they do help with friction.

Toe trainers are also something similar to toe separators, and they reduce friction and promote alignment of the toes. These are small, cotton, covered foam splints that slide over the defective or affected toes. These can however not be worn under shoes


There are few precautions that one must take while using toe separators. If you are diabetic or if you have open wounds, do avoid using toe separators. Apart from this, if you notice any skin discoloration, pain, numbness, or other irritation after using toe separators, you must report to your doctor and must discontinue the use of the separators.

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