What Kind of Jell-O Can I Eat Before a Colonoscopy?

If it is difficult for you to accept having a colonoscopy, then the chances are high that it is the preparation that is stalling you from making a decision. Attending a colonoscopy will create you inconvenience. The procedure for getting ready for the test takes much more time than the procedure itself, which lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour. The element that is putting you down from taking the test is, having to go through the diet instructions provided by the doctor and coping with the results.

What Kind of Jell-O Can I Eat Before a Colonoscopy?

What Kind of Jell-O Can I Eat Before a Colonoscopy?

The only way through which you can make a colonoscopy success is by following the diet instructions handed over by the doctor. It is necessary to cleanse your colon before attending the test. If the colon is not clean, then the chances are high that the colonoscopy misses on polyps and lesions. In such cases, you are increasing the complications that arise due to untreated polyps. In such instances, you have to repeat or reschedule the test, which again requires you to go through the second round of colon preparation.

Diet Restrictions And Preparation

The colonoscopy involves bowel preparation where you need to follow a particular diet apart from taking laxatives. Depending on the instructions provided by your doctor, you are likely to consume only clear liquids for certain period until the day of the test. Apart from the clear liquid, you are eligible to consume flavored gelatins such as Jell-O. However, you have to keep away from the colored products.

Colored Jell-O

It is preferable to consult your doctor or a testing facility regarding the foods that you can consume and those you can avoid. Speaking of colored Jell-O, you can select those that do not contain red, purple, and orange colors. In fact, many of the testing facilities or the doctor will recommend you to choose only the yellow or the green Jell-O. The reason for you to keep away from the rest of the colors is that they cause interference during the colonoscopy test.


Red, purple, orange, and blue dyes used in producing Jell-O have traces of red fluid. The nature of the color makes it hard for the doctor to differentiate between the blood and the residual fluid. It will be a significant concern for the doctor, as the physician will think that there is bleeding and search for the spot when there is none. Bleeding plays a vital role in colonoscopy, especially when the doctor decides to perform a biopsy to check for cancer-causing cells. To avoid such instance, the doctor prescribes a set of instructions related to your diet to ensure that the colon is clean and clear. It will further help avert repetitive procedures.


Jell-O is a perfect alternative to the liquid diet, especially when you are consuming clear beverages and brought. Although several flavors are off limits, you can pick up the ones that are not such as the pineapple, mango, apricot, and lemon. Be sure to check for the ingredients listed on the pack and confirm that it does not have red food dye.

Other considerations

Apart from avoiding gelatins that contain red food dye, you also have to look for other products that utilize the color. The doctor may instruct you to keep away from blue, purple, red, and orange ice pops, sports drink, and flavored beverages. If you are not clear about food or beverage that you can consume before a colonoscopy, consult your doctor so that you do not have to postpone the test and begin the bowel preparation again.

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