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How Long will it take to Recover from a Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is a medical procedure performed on rectum and the large intestine. This procedure helps in diagnosing many problems related to bowel movement, abdominal pain and weight loss. This is also very useful for detecting cancer. In this procedure, a thin-tube like structure having a minute camera is inserted from the rectum of the patient. The camera gives a clear picture of the inside section of the colon, this way doctor get to examine the colon health of the patient. During this procedure, doctors give a safe anesthesia to the patient so that the test is performed comfortably.

After the Examination

After the test is complete, following assistance is provided to the patient:

  • After the test is complete, nurse provides a healthy drink along with a cracker to the patient. This is because patient remains hungry for the preparation of the test, hence; they feel extremely hungry. Nurses keep a constant check on the patient until they recover completely.
  • After the procedure is done, it is highly advised that the patient should never drive back home alone because the after effect of sedative can cause drowsiness. Hence, it is recommended to ask friend or family members to take the patient home. Also, it is highly advised to avoid public transport for reaching home, instead; it is better to ask a known person to accompany the patient from hospital to home.
  • Before discharging the patient doctors provide some important tips to the patient, which is very helpful for quick and safe recovery. Also, in case the patient experiences any problem after the test, then they should immediately discuss about the same with their doctors.

How Long will it take to Recover from a Colonoscopy?

How Long will it take to Recover from a Colonoscopy?

The recovery period is not fixed for every patient, in fact; the recovery period and pattern differs from one patient to another. The recovery period may also vary based on the physical condition of the patient and also on how well they follow the instructions provided by doctors at the time of discharge. Let us take a look on some of the precautions that may help in speedy recovery that too in a healthy way.

  • After the test patient is advised to take complete rest as patient may feel bit drowsiness or discomfort along with some bedding from the rectum. There is nothing to worry, as all these symptoms are just after effects of the procedure.
  • Intake of healthy and light food adds to speedy recovery, this also helps in regaining the lost strength. During the recovery period, the patients are not restricted to any specific diet, instead; are allowed to eat what they feel like having. However, it is highly not recommended to fill the stomach with lot of junk food, which is very low in nutritional content and is also very difficult to digest. At times even a single piece of toast is very good to having on an empty stomach.
  • Intake of some over the counter pain relief medications can be very helpful in getting relief from the extreme pain experienced after the test is complete.
  • If any sort of side effect is identified by the patient after the procedure, then it is suggested to consult the same with the doctor immediately. In case the problem is ignored and if it becomes severe, then it can have a very serious impact on patient’s health. Some of the common side effects of the problem include: fever, weakness, blood traces in bowel movement, dizziness, abdominal pain and so on.
  • Another very important aspect is that up to twenty four hours after the colonoscopy is done, it is strictly advised not to drive, consume hard drinks or working on heavy machinery. The chief reason behind this is that the effect of sedative given to patient during the procedure any adversely affects the response of the patient on temporary level.

If at any point of time patient feels uncomfortable or any problem, then they should immediately discuss the same with their doctor.


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