Can You Get Lightheaded From High Blood Pressure?

Often termed as hypertension, high blood pressure has increasingly become the most common ailment. According to estimation, an approximately 1.2 billion people have high blood pressure. The reason for high blood pressure is numerous. And the worst part, it does not show any signs of its growth. Therefore, it received the nickname – the silent killer. High blood pressure grows with time, and often a few symptoms get unnoticed, as doctors associate them with other underlying diseases.

Is Blood Pressure Consistent Throughout The Day?

The blood pressure of an individual never remains the same during an entire day. It fluctuates at different times. The factors for the variation include food, physical activity, weight, stress, and overall health. Therefore, it is vital to note down the readings at different times of the day before heading for consultation.

Can You Get Lightheaded From High Blood Pressure?

Can You Get Lightheaded From High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure does cause lightheadedness. As the occurrence is to due several factors, finding the exact reason is necessary to decide the treatment. When the value is high throughout the day and is consistent, then consulting a doctor is helpful to find the cause and take the next step.

Feeling lightheadedness is one of the standard complaints across elderly. Although the reason is not due to any life-threatening condition, being careful is essential to prevent accidents and injuries.

Ignoring the symptom is not the solution, as it leads to severe accidents at times. The worst is that the symptom itself becomes life-threatening. If you feel lightheadedness, then it is preferable to rest and consume water or orange juice. If the symptom is continuing longer, then it is time to seek medical emergency.

The nervous system helps in regulating the blood flow when you stand up from rest. Due to aging or underlying illness, the system deteriorates, causing it difficult for the nervous system to regulate the blood flow. Due to this, you will experience a sudden drop in blood pressure, termed as orthostatic hypotension, which results in lightheadedness. It may occur as a long-term side effect. However, the medicines are available to treat the same. As the medicine and the dosage level changes, it is essential to visit the doctor.

Treating High Blood Pressure

Addressing high blood pressure requires a thorough analysis of its occurrence. The variation in the blood pressure levels often changes and due to several factors. Therefore, establishing concrete evidence is essential to begin the treatment.

Treatment involves the use of medicines along with lifestyle modifications and following a particular diet. The simple lifestyle modifications include weight management program, including exercises, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, and eat a low-fat diet or other diet program prescribed by the dietician.

High blood pressure occurs due to a few modifiable factors such as the one discussed in the above paragraph and due to non-modifiable factors such as aging. Modifiable factors will help in bringing down the high blood pressure to the average values. Additionally, it will assist in maintaining good health. Consulting doctor at this stage will be helpful in deciding whether to continue taking the medicines or stop. If the doctor chooses to continue with the medication, then there will be a decrease in the dosage level.

For non-modifiable factors, making lifestyle changes is good. However, skipping medicines is not a good idea, as it can complicate things. It is especially true for the elderly.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

The reason behind the development of high blood pressure is numerous. Several things play a vital role in developing high blood pressure. The following are a few common factors:

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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