Is Flushing A Sign Of High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension or high blood pressure affects millions of people across the globe annually. The factors behind the occurrence of high blood pressure vary from one person to another. However, attending to it when it is in its nascent stage is necessary to prevent unforeseen health circumstances in the future. Nevertheless, the common symptoms are obesity, alcohol consumption, and diabetes.

Is Flushing A Sign Of High Blood Pressure?

Is Flushing A Sign Of High Blood Pressure? Or Is The Redness In The Cheeks A Sign Of High Blood Pressure?

A touch of red to the cheeks enhances the appearance of an individual. However, when the redness is excess, many believe that it is a sign of unhealthy situation, mostly because of high blood pressure. However, according to the cardiologist specialist Professor Garry Jennings, the reason for the excessive increase in the redness on the cheeks does not impose that the person is suffering from high blood pressure. There are plenty of reasons for the occurrence and blood pressure is not on the list.

The professor further adds that if a person is suffering from high blood pressure, one may not show a flushing face. Nonetheless, it does create a confusing atmosphere because a short-term blood pressure rise causes redness on the cheeks. Increased blood pressure is an ailment where the heart is pumping blood and exerting excessive stress on the artery walls. In many of the circumstances, it does not display any outward sign.

When a person is showing signs of breathlessness or sudden development of a severe headache, one is suffering from a sudden increase in the high blood pressure. According to the professor, a majority of the population suffering from high blood pressure do not display any signs or symptoms.

Exercise and Alcohol Link For The Flushing Face

Both alcohol and exercise are strong contenders for increasing the blood pressure in a person. They have a short-term effect and make it confusing, as the face turns red. Although a glass or two does not raise the redness, the story is different for regular alcohol abusers. According to the professor, people abusing alcohol more than the prescribed limit in a day display an association – the more the intake, the higher the chance for high blood pressure. For binge drinkers, it always leads to a stroke, leading to death in some cases.

Coming back to the exercise part, the regular activity helps in keeping the blood pressure smooth and running. However, it does produce short bursts that develop the red face. It is the reason why doctors prescribe recording the blood pressure when resting rather than making their patients run around.

Stress Impact

The professor states that it is not a viable option to consider emotions as the reason behind the development of the high blood pressure in individuals. According to his observations, one-third suffering from high blood pressure are uptight and tense, another one-third display laid-back and relaxed approach and the remaining are in between the two. Several reports state that both hostility and suppression have a significant impact on developing high blood pressure. Therefore, it is unwise to consider stress and emotional factors as the reason for high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure

Increased blood pressure is a condition that occurs in the tiny arteries located at a farther distance from the heart. Flushing or the redness on the cheeks is on the other side that is the receiving end, in the veins, which do not affect the high blood pressure.


Face flushing has several reasons, and high blood pressure is not one of them. Consulting a doctor is preferable to ensure that a person receives the needed medicines along with instructions to keep the blood pressure in check.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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