Exercises for High Ankle Sprain or Syndesmotic Ankle Sprain are to be
started only after the initial phase of the injury has passed and the pain
and swelling due to high ankle sprain has subsided.

The first goal of the therapy is to get back normal range of motion of the
ankle once weightbearing can be tolerated. The strengthening of the ankle
starts once normal range of motion is achieved, which normally takes about a

Watch 3D Video of High Ankle Sprain exercises. These exercises are very helpful to improve range of motion after
high ankle sprain and should be performed at least twice a day.

6 Best Exercises for High Ankle Sprain:

  1. Ankle and Foot Stretches for High Ankle Sprain.
  2. Ankle Down and Inward Bend Exercise for High Ankle Sprain.
  3. Ankle Up Exercise for High Ankle Sprain.
  4. Toe Stretches for High Ankle Sprain.
  5. Staircase Workout for High Ankle Sprain.
  6. Squat Down Exercise for High Ankle Sprain.
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