9 Effective Supplements For Nerve Pain

Nerve pains are the pains which result from the damage to the peripheral nerves. It can be because of any infection or diabetes (diabetic neuropathy). Whatever the reason be, the pain experienced is very unpleasant. This article discusses about some of the effective supplements for nerve pain that can be of great help.

9 Effective Supplements For Nerve Pain

9 Effective Supplements For Nerve Pain

are various natural herbs and effective supplements for nerve pain, which can provide relief from pain and discomfort caused due to the nerve. Some of these supplements that help reducing the nerve pain are include:

  1. Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 promotes protein synthesis and also encourages the regeneration of damaged nerves. It maintains the health of nerves and prevents their damage. This vitamin supports the myelin sheath, which protects the nerves. Myelin sheath, if damaged results in neuropathic pain and reduces the nerve ability to conduct the impulses properly. Thus, vitamin B12 proves to be one of the most important and effective supplements for nerve pain.
  2. Benfotiamine. Vitamin B1 or thiamine enhances the nerve signals. Being a water-soluble vitamin it gets quickly excreted from the body. Its fat soluble form i.e. benfotiamine stays in the body for longer and keeps the nerves healthy. It is one of the natural supplements for nerve pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, and thyroid disease.
  3. Alpha lipoic acid. It is one of the most powerful anti-oxidant that has the ability to destroy the free radicals, which are the harmful substances that destroy the nerve cells and also the blood cells. This too is one of the most useful and effective supplements for nerve pain. It is also suitable for reducing the pain, numbness, and tingling caused due to diabetic neuropathy.
  4. Magnesium. Magnesium plays a big role in improving nerve health. It also maintains the muscle and nerve function. It controls the risk of inflammation thus making it a very effective supplement for nerve pain. It gives a calming effect to the muscular and nervous system, which further relieves nerve pain.
  5. CoQ10. Naturally produced by the body CoQ10 controls the mitochondrial dysfunction, which can lead to nerve damage and pain. A fall in its level also increases the threat of free radicals.
  6. Passion flower. Passion flower brings about a calming effect on the overactive nerves, making it one of the effective supplements for nerve pain. Over activity of nerves can be painful to the hands and feet and also cause restlessness of the limbs. The slightest touch may lead to the transmission of nerve impulse, which also leads to anxiety. Passion flower helps bring down the anxiety and soothe the overactive nerve.
  7. Skullcap extract. Nerve pain brings about a lot of anxiety and stress. This supplement for nerve pain, works by improving the blood flow to the brain and calming down the overactive nervous system.
  8. Feverfew. Parthenolide, a compound present in feverfew has pain relieving capabilities. It is successful in controlling chronic inflammations, migraines and nerve pains. Hence, this too is included in the list of effective supplements for nerve pain.
  9. Oat Straw. It is an extract present in the green oats. It is an anti-inflammatory and is also used for calming the nerves. It is also beneficial in improving an itchy skin. For centuries, oat straw is being used to improve the nerve-related conditions.

These are some of the best effective supplements for nerve pain, which not only offer relief from pain but also tackle the underlying problem. They should be taken regularly as advised for long-term results.

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